KEF 107.1 or B&W 802 S3 Matrix

So I’m building a system again after decades and starting with speakers. I bought Heresy 3’s but they just lack the punch of my beloved 802’s. I’m super intrigued by the KEF 107 since bottom end is what I miss listening to the Heresy’s. Still need to work on the rest of the system but would appreciate any feedback that could offer a comparison with the KEF 107 since I have not heard them yet. As a side not there are a few of the 802’s and 107’s around but the 802’s are basically twice the price. Worth it? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the link Erik.

db, thanks for recommendation. I auditioned a 107 with the Morel tweeters and they were a bit bright for me taste. I'm looking forward to hearing what the original tweeters are like. 

I'm going to audition 107s that have not been used for 5 years. All original and nothing has been done to them. I'm guessing I need to be careful not to push them too hard without checking them out thoroughly. 

I think the tweeter is what differentiates the 107/2 from the 107.  I've never heard the 107s, but JA's review in Stereophile claimed they were bit lacking in the high end and the 107/2 cured that.  You might want to read his review of the 107/2s.

The KEF 107 has the soft dome t33 tweeter while the 107/2 has an aluminum tweeter. The t33 tweeter was used in many KEF speakers in the 80s and 90s. I have never heard the 107/2 but I would think that the aluminum tweeter would be brighter than the t33. Replacing the ferrofluid in the t33 is a fairly simple job.
Ciao Rhino. The question about the Kef 107 Kube is timely as I just wrote the following for an ad I'm in the process of creating. Hope this helps.

The Kube's Preset Function
Each pair of KEF 107s left the factory with a Kube unique to that specific speaker pair, and identified with a serial number identical to each speaker in that pair. An essential function of each Kube is to equalize the midranges and tweeters in their speaker pair to achieve frequency and sensitivity matching to within 0.5db or less. As such, each Kube (with its preset equalization factory customized via internal adjustments) is part of the design of a particular pair of KEF 107s and should be used with that pair in order to meet factory specifications and maximize the fidelity achieved.

The Kube's User Adjustments
How low bass response extends, another essential function, is User adjustable via a lower cut-off control with choice of 18Hz, 25Hz, 35Hz, or 50Hz. In addition, users can vary bass reproduction from being quite loose to quite tight and anywhere in-between. Also, the response below 160Hz can be increased or decreased by as much as 3dB. These user adjustments enable controlling speaker output to correlate to one's tastes, room requirements, and the music played.

ljgerens, will be auditioning them next week. I think I try replacing the ferrofluid myself. Thanks.

tubes108, I appreciate the info. The Kube is matched with the pair so I'm hopeful I can hear the difference. I do wonder after all this time if the Kube itself degradates much and if there is any way to know.