KEF 107.1 or B&W 802 S3 Matrix

So I’m building a system again after decades and starting with speakers. I bought Heresy 3’s but they just lack the punch of my beloved 802’s. I’m super intrigued by the KEF 107 since bottom end is what I miss listening to the Heresy’s. Still need to work on the rest of the system but would appreciate any feedback that could offer a comparison with the KEF 107 since I have not heard them yet. As a side not there are a few of the 802’s and 107’s around but the 802’s are basically twice the price. Worth it? Thanks in advance.
Thanks Steve. Would you say a lot of potential is lost without the kube?
That kube adds some serious EQ to the speaker.

If you are OK with that route, why not try a Schiit Loki??
Thanks for the suggestion Erik. I'm looking at 2 pairs and one has the kube. We'll see how it goes. 
Hi Rhino,
If you can't find a kube, you can use something like a miniDSP to simulate one.  They weren't magic, just EQ. :) 
I only meant to say that if the idea of an EQ box add on does not make you feel weird, maybe you shoudl try it on your existing speakers before swapping? It might fix your problem.

Does the kube being "matched" mean anything? Or will any eq have the same function and performance? I guess I'm wondering why so may people seem to suggest not to buy the 107's without the kube.