KEF 107.1 or B&W 802 S3 Matrix

So I’m building a system again after decades and starting with speakers. I bought Heresy 3’s but they just lack the punch of my beloved 802’s. I’m super intrigued by the KEF 107 since bottom end is what I miss listening to the Heresy’s. Still need to work on the rest of the system but would appreciate any feedback that could offer a comparison with the KEF 107 since I have not heard them yet. As a side not there are a few of the 802’s and 107’s around but the 802’s are basically twice the price. Worth it? Thanks in advance.
I had the R107/2 for a couple years and the bass is as advertised if you have the kube. male vocals are a bit forward and while the ,2 was a little bright I think the original had a laid back tweeter. woofer surrounds and tweeter ferrofluid will need service. They were highly regarded back in the day.
Thanks Steve. Would you say a lot of potential is lost without the kube?
That kube adds some serious EQ to the speaker.

If you are OK with that route, why not try a Schiit Loki??
Thanks for the suggestion Erik. I'm looking at 2 pairs and one has the kube. We'll see how it goes.