Kef 105 or PMC FB1?

Good afternoon.

I was hoping for some opinions since auditioning speakers with home system impossible.

Have come across a couple of floor standing speakers that I have coveted for a while.  They are the Kef 105.1 and the PMC FB1.  

 I have been using a pair of Klipsch Heresy 1’s (1.5’s some call – 1985) for over a year now. Although they have their virtues and I have enjoyed them with some recordings, at times they are not as enjoyable to listen too.  I have entertained upgrading them through Bob Crites or ALK Engineering but I am concerned I will invest large amounts for ultimately a similar sound.

 I am very happy with source and amplification [modified VPI HW-19 with TNT platter lead filled version, Clear-audio Satisfy tonearm, Zu Audio DL103, Blue Circle DAR integrated amplifier, and Blue Circle Fon Lo Thingee phono pre-amp with Biggie power supply].  

Since I can’t get either speaker to my home to hook up and audition, perhaps anyone with experience with these speakers can weigh in?  If anyone (unlikely) has heard these speakers head to head, I would definitely appreciate your input.

 Thank you for any time you may provide.