Kef 104.2 vs 107.2

Is the 107.2 the 104.2 the same sounding speaker with exra bass?
They are from the same era aand were the reference line but I wouls say no. They uses different drivers and the design is different where the drivers are positioned. I have owned both and liked them for a long time.
I have a pair of 104.3s that I've used as my primary speakers for about 15 years now and they've served me well. Looking to upgrade speakers for 2 channel and will move these to A/V use. I'll use them as front L/R and I have purchased a Kef center channel speaker. Can you recommend rear surrounds (preferably in-ceiling) from Kef that would voice match well to the 104s?
I've not familiar with 104.3s, buy I use 102/2s as surrounds with my 104/2s, with a 200C center speaker. The system is electronically crossed over at 80 Hz to a Velodyne HGS-15. I find this a very satisfying combination for both music and flicks.

the vienna acoustics maestro (not newer grand but original) is about as good as I could get with the 104's. It blends seamlessly.

I use to have a kef center but its no good with the 104.3 cause they are totally different technology with the unique tweeter.
Thanks for the suggestions but I specifically want/need
in-ceiling surrounds. Any suggestions? Any current Kef in-ceilings that would be 'voiced' the same as 104s?
I own both kinds and I would say no. The 104.2's are excellent and produce great laid back British sound with plenty of oomph and amazing bass, but the 107's are in another league. The Tweets and Mids are different, the bass is different as well. Authoritative and majestic comes to mind for the 107s. Bigger and better than their smaller brothers in most ways. They didn't cost twice as much for nothing.