KEF 104/2 vs 105/3

I have a pair of 104/2 (1989)...I have seen an add for KEF 105/3 (1990)...How much are they different ? Worthwile upgrade ?
I've never heard the 104/2's before, but have had 105/3's for quite a few years. Combined with the Kube, or JPS Golden Flutes, they are wonderful speakers. I have a wonderful set in rosewood that I will be posting on this site soon.
Both are nice speakers. I used to sell audio and sold both. I always prefered the 104/2's. In my oppinion they are hands down a better speaker. Keep Them!

Agree totally with the KiD.

A fellow audiophile and I heavily auditioned both of these back in 1990. Surprisingly, the 104/2's always sounded better to both of us even though the 105's were more expensive. My friend finally bought the 104's (with Kube), and has been happy with them for 14 years, running them with BAT electronics.
I agree with all the responses saying tokeep the 104.2s. I have a pair and the imaging and clarity is better than most speakers I have heard in the past. I have also had the opportunity to AB test the 105 in my system and hands down the 104's were amuch better speaker.

My set ip includes a rel strata III , YBA integre DT and an Accurus Cd player.

The 104's are a keeper. You'll regret selling them.

I cannot disagree more. I sold KEF 104.2's and 105.3's new back when... Side by side the 105.3's are far more alive, but also far more demanding of the electronics you connect to them. As we all know, certain speakers sound better than others depending on the entire system. By the way, I've pushed the 105.3's with the Infinity Hybrid Class A amplifier, and damn if I wouldn't start giving up internal organs to have that stuff again.
What does your room sound like? I own the 105/3 s with kube. In the very dull showroom they outperformed all KEF's offerings including the 107/2.
At home with my "average"components and fairly live listening room they sound colored, The bass is too low in output to keep up with the incredable mid's. They were my labour of love for 12 years. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY AT HOME!!!
what amps are good with the 105.3 speakers? (Mine sounds sounds loud compared to previous speaker)
I currenently own both 104/2's and 105/3 and have to say that the 105/3/s out perform the the 104's in every level, detail, weight and clarity. They produce a much bigger sound and will take you further with better components than the 104's. However The 104's are more room and system friendly.
I have never used any of these speakers with the cube.

I would love to hear all these against a set of 107/2's though!
I have owned 102/2s for years, and was looking for a larger speaker. I considered both the 104/2s and the 107/2s. I noticed that the 104/2s seem to have a fanatical following, and I was going to use a Velodyne HGS-15 for LF below 80 Hz anyway, so I decided on the 104/2s. I use the 104/2s with the HGS-15 for stereo music, and add 102/2s and a 200C for movies and some HDTV. I now count myself among the fanatical 104/2 following. They really are wonderful speakers, expecially nice for jazz and chamber music, where imaging and timbre are so critical and comparison with live performances so easy.