KEF 104/2 tweeter replacements

I finally ordered a pair of the modified Morel tweeters from the guy on Ebay (KEF tweeter). They sound incredible & are exact KEF spec - 92db - 4 ohm - and drop right in plug & play. I tried all the "fixing", ferro fluid etc. This guy nailed it & in the trash my dead SP1191's went! These "Morel Magic Mushrooms" as he calls them are 80w drivers so no more power handling worries as well. I highly recommend these tweeters & they are the ONLY improvement I've done on my '84 "Rosies" other than woofer grommets. At $249 incl shipping you may think twice but remember these speakers were $2500-$3000(rosewood) 30yrs ago - put that on your inflation calculator!
Thanks for sharing your information. I found the seller you are talking about. I'll definitely make note for when the tweeters go bad on my 104/2s. A couple of years ago I had Scott from SG Custom Sound replace the ferro fluid on my "Rosies" and so far the tweeters are sounding fine.

Also putting this out there for anyone else who may not want to spend the $249 + shipping for modified Morel tweeters.

Madisound speaker store has the Morel MDT29-4 (4 ohm) Textile dome tweeters available.

They just have the tweeters only though. All the rest to make it plug and play ready for the KEF 104/2s are not included.
Hello Jedinite24,

I talked to Adam @ Madisound before I took the leap. The MDT-29 is the driver he uses but the modification to the driver so it will drop in/fit is the magic you pay for. Adam said no one but him has mastered the modification to the flange & they provide him his inventory of MDT-29. I also had the ferro fluid fix. It's a band-aid at best. It sounds like they're working but they are in no way producing the proper SPL. I thought they were until I heard the "Mushrooms". If you read his post thoroughly you will see he is spot on. You will be blown away!
Hello Jedinite,

His shipping is free for up to (2) pair if USA - $29.95 for up to (2) pair international. I did the math & it was an absolute no brainer.

I wonder if this will fit my 107.2's. I believe they are the same T33 tweeters but I dont know about fit.
Just bought a pair from Midwest Speaker Repair. Read great reviews and they were very reasonable. Guaranteed to be perfect drop ins.....btw - KEF is no longer providing repair at their New Jersey location...........they are using MSR - tells you something about their experience. Will report when installed.