kef 104 / 2. Speakers questions

I just purchased these KEF and have a few inquiries:
1. Were the speaker grills meant to be on or off ?
2.  All drivers are in good condition.
They have rubber doughnuts and surrounds.
 Will a 100 Watt vintage Sherwood 6040 be sufficient ?
3. .
My current speakers I am thinking of replacing are ZU Omega ll
What would you do ?
Your opinions and thoughts are appreciated.

I believe the 104/2 was designed to be used with the grills in place. You can do what sounds best to you. The Sherwood amp will drive them but I don’t know if it will bring out the best in the 104/2. Even though they are a fairly efficient speaker, they require plenty of current/watts to make them sing. They are a wonderful speaker.
I've had both 104.2s and 107.2s.  I don't recall what the 104.2 manual may have said about using the grills, but the 107.2 manual specifically recommends removing the grills for careful listening.  I used my 104.2 with a much more powerful amp, and when I changed that amp for Parasound JC 1 monoblocks the 107.2s really came to life.
Excellent score. I just got some minty 104/2s myself. They have been recapped, refoamed, donuts replaced and tweeter fluid changed. I’d have that all looked at too if I were you. Mine sound excellent, just like I remember back in the day and I have always wanted a pair. Took me 30+ years to get The manual is available on KEFs site and they do say to use the grills if you can:

I’m using a Parasound A23 (125w) with them and again, they sound excellent. With that being said, if I spot a deal on a more worthy amp, I’ll probably upgrade. I have the KUBE with mine too but haven’t set that up yet. I remember the ones I listened to long ago with the KUBE did sound great/better but I’ve since read in some places to skip the KUBE. They do have enough bass for me sans the KUBE so I dunno what I’ll do yet.

Hope this helps.