KEF 104/2 rebuild

Hello 'Goners-

I've just come across an old pair of single-wire KEF 104/2 in pretty good shape, and have read that they can benefit from a rebuild, i.e., new wiring, crossover work, replacement of tweeters, etc.

The woofer surrounds and "doughnuts" seem to be in good condition, so there's no need to redo them at this time.

I'd like to correspond with someone who's done a complete rebuild, or someone who can tell me where to access step-by-step "how-to" documentation.

Any ideas?

Bob R
Call Jeff at Sonic Craft about crossover and wiring upgrades.
I would be carefull with crossovers because the Reference Series KEF produced in that era had what they called Conjucate Loading that meant excellent load curve with any amplifier, especially tubes.
I still have a pair of 104/2 biwire, only did foam on the woofers and boy do they sing.
Bob - any update on your 104 makeover? I have 2 pair. I sent all the speakers from pair one back to KEF to be checked & repaired if necessary.....they sound great. Didn't touch the crossovers. I recently bought a second pair which had had the donuts repaired......they were really boomy so I closed up half of the bass port and they sound great too but still different than pair one. I"ve wondered about the crossovers.