KEF 104/2, 105/3, or 107/2?

I've been using four KEF 102/2s, a KEF 100C, and Velodyne HGS-10 sub for stereo music, movies, and HDTV. I want to upgrade at least the front LR speakers for stereo music -- the HGS-10 can cover 100 Hz and below. These speakers are driven by Proceed Amp2 and Amp3 (200 watts RMS into 4 ohm load). Processing is Proceed PAV (preamp) and PDSD (digital signal processor).

I don't recall having heard 104/2, 105/3, or 107/2, but am I considering all of them. Mostly like classical and jazz music. I'll look for a KEF 200C to upgrade the center channel. Main purpose of upgrade is stereo music; I am happy with 102/2 and HGS-10 for movies and HDTV.

Advice sought.
The 107/2 are defintely the best of the three, but depending on your budget and space constrictions the 104/2 would be my second choice. All three benefit nicely using the Kube.
Don, Just a word of advice. I have a pair of 104/2s and I loved their sound. However, I have a bad midrange and KEF no longer makes replacement midrange drivers for them. I have bought several tweeters without a problem but the midrange is another story. My stereo store has recommended someone that can rebuild the midrange but that is too much of a problem to ship off the midrange unit for repair. I would think twice before I bought a used pair of 104/2, 105/2 or 107/2s because parts may be scarce. Jim
I second Jimd response. I have a pair of 107/2 and the 10" drivers are all rotten and one of the magnets has moved from its center. The magnets are glued on!!! They did sound good when working. Good luck
I've owned a pair of Kef 104.2s for over three years now and have yet to have a problem with any of the parts. Yes, there is the risk with any "vintage" speaker that parts will fail and replacements will be scarce, but since Donbellphd owns a pair of 102.2s I would assume he understands the risks involved. Also, keep in mind that 104.2s were manufactured for nearly a decade. If you manage to snag one of the later bi-wired Raymond Cooke versions, then you're only looking at a speaker a decade or so old.

I recently went through a round of in-home demoing of speakers (Neat and Von Schweikerts) to replace my beloved 104.2s but none were able to supplant the Kefs. They are fantastic speakers although I've read conflicting reports of whether the 100 and 200c matches them.
It's a difficult decision. I owned Kef 107's for about ten years. I don't want to burst your bubble but I think there a lot of speakers out there that will better the Kefs especially in the high end and midrange. Just my opinion but I am very fimilar with these speakers.
I've had my 104.2 since 1990. No problems! Infact, I think they are getting better with age. They have made it through about 4 moves and nothing stops them from giving me a great big grin. My thoughts!
I was so happy to trade my KEF 103.2's for modern speakers. It is amazing how technology has progressed in TWENTY YEARS! Move on! There are much better speakers available. Better with age my foot. What kind of stereo do you have in your '69 bug?
I just got offered a set of nearly perfect 104/2's (minor scratches) that I have been testing in my hous for 3 days now so all the drivers seem to work fine. (pushing with my Denon AVR-4806 really helps)

Are they worth the $300 he wants?

Thanks, I could use the advice.
My 104/2's are at least 20 years old and still sound as good as if they were new. The 104/2's were, and still are one of the best sounding speakers I have heard in their price range. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better sounding speaker for the $. If some one offered me a set of 104/2's for $300 I would pull the cash out of my wallet on the spot. They typically sell in the $600 range.
Wow, when I started reading the OP it sounded like me; when I got to the bottom I saw it was me!

I bought a pair of the late bi-wired 104/2s several years ago, and have been very pleased with their sound. I listened to one of my favorite CDs (Big Band Bassie) on my system, then maybe a half hour later on Wilson Sophias and B&W 802 something at a local dealer. With the right setup, this CD sounds open and transparent, but it can sound pinched with a lesser setup. The 104/2s sounded quite similar to the Sophias, different from the B&W 802 something, which, IIRC, seemed vailed with a mid-bass hump. The 104/2s are certainly worth $300.

I bought a 200C to go with the 104/2s, because I use the system for movies almost as much as for stereo. The 200C is a much better match for the 104/2s than the 100C. I use a Velodyne HGS-15 with the 104/2s, 200C and a pair of 102/2s in the main system. Downstairs I use a Veleodyne HGS-10 with a pair of 102/2s, and a 100C.

I have owned a pair of 105/3s since 1990. These are not plug & play speakers. Mine are biamped with cube in and they sound effortless. plugged in to my H-K surround system they dont cut it.
Thanks for all the advice... I am going to go ahead and get these 104/2's.

Been testing them for 2 weeks now, with the Denon 4806 powering... simply impressed for such and old pair of speakers.

Suddenly I'm a KEF fan.

I like these better than some of the Vienna Acoustics I tested! (keeping in mind the $2000 savings)

Lastly... I have a tiny living room and I needed to save space. The voice is good enough to skip the center (for my taste at least) and there is enough base for my home theater taste. Great solution really.

Thanks again.

I just got offered a set of nearly perfect 104/2's (minor scratches) that I have been testing in my hous for 3 days now so all the drivers seem to work fine. (pushing with my Denon AVR-4806 really helps)

Are they worth the $300 he wants?

Thanks, I could use the advice.

I'm a bit limited by a doorway, so the front baffles that house the mid and high frequency drivers of my 104/2s are 42" from the rear wall and 30" from the side wall. Stereo imaging is quite good, but when I removed my 36 XBR from between the speakers I was astonished by the improvement in depth. As a fellow listener said, it's as though you could walk among the jazz trio or the chamber music quintet. With reluctance, I put the 36 XBR back until I have a video solution with minimal acoustic impact yet better viewing angle.


One other thing that might affect your experience, although my basis for relating this is confounded: At one point in a effort to simplify, I replaced the Pioneer laser disc player I used for CDs with a moderate cost (range $200 to $300) Sony CD/DVD player and my Proceed PAV and Amp 2 with the penulitmate Sony receiver (444ES?) at the time. The air and transparency I had grown accustomed to with my KEF 102/2s collapsed. It was especially noticable on the Reference Recording, Big Band Basie. The magic was restored with a Sony 9000ES CD/SACD/DVD player and a return to Proceed stuff. So I really can't attribute the loss to either the CD player or the receiver, or both, and I was trained not to confound variables.