KEF 103/4 loudspeakers; any comments

Hi. I just bought a pair of KEF 103/4 on ebay for $123.00 (plus $90.00 shipping). The foams need to be replaced on the 4 internally mounted 6-1/2" woofers, but otherwise they seem in nice shape. Anyone out there have any experience with these speakers? I didn't have much time to research, as the auction was almost over when I found them. I have a pair of KEF C-95 towers, and I love them. I've always heard that the reference series sounds even better. What do you guys think? Thanks. -KlipschKing
If you can refoam them yourself without putting too much money into them, then this was a good buy. While I have not listened to a pair of these for years, I do have very fond recollection of these Kef speakers. I think their coincidental speaker design delivered some very positive results and would seriously considering buying a pair of these speakers in good condition myself as a spare or additional set of speakers. I think you made a very good decision and should be quite pleased.
You can't go wrong with a classic provided you can refurb it for little cost.
Yes, I think I may be able to re-foam them myself. Midwest Speaker Exchange sells foam kits for these speakers, including the center "doughnut" that mates the "vibration-balancing rod" to the two 6-1/2" drivers. I've had great luck replacing the foam on my old Boston Acoustics A-100 and EPI speakers, so I think it may work well. Thanks for the feedback on these speakers!
I have the 104s since 1987. A gift from Pink Floyd out of A & M Studios.

They still sound wonderful, especially around commanding male and female vocals and mid-range instruments--very hard to match even by today's high standards. Think Jazz (Art Blakely) and female (Joni) on vinyl. Very warm and rich, much like current British speakers such Harbeth.

You will want to make sure they have the KEF Cube, which was sold in tandem with this series, which provided a more precise way to redirect and conform sound to a room.
There is a very good brochure that came with these to tune them to any room.
Bongofury: You're kidding about the Floyd thing, aren't you?? Yes, I want the Kube 200, just haven't been able to find it yet. I'll keep scouring eBay and Audiogon & I'm sure it will turn up. I've heard the bass response from the Reference Series isn't great without the Kube. How do you hook the blooming thing up? It looks like it only has RCA plugs on the back... Thanks for the info. -KlipschKing
No, I am not kidding. There were several systems that they played the final mix on. The other speakers I believe from memory were ATC and Yamahas. The studio engineer gave it to me after the sessions were over.

Post a fax number. I have the Kube manual. I can fax it to you.
I have a KEF Kube 200 sitting in its original box on a shelf in my closet. I've never tried it, because I use a Velodyne HGS-15 with my 104/2s, crossing over at 80 Hz, although the full range 104/2s without sub provide a very satisfying sound, just not the subtle vibration from the lowest pedal notes of pipe organ that I so enjoy. I supplement my 104/2s with a 200C and a pair of 102/2s for HT duty. The 104/2s remain among the best speakers I've heard.

I have no idea what a reasonable price for the Kube 200 might be. I've bought a number of items through Audiogon, but never sold anything.

Dbphd: Just sent you an e-mail. Very interested in your Kef 200. I use a Klipsh sub with my Kef C-95 towers, and you're right, the combo is hard to beat. I want to try the 103/4 without a sub, though, as I hear they are incredible with the Kube 200. I don't know how to hook it up; do you still have the instructions? Thanks again. -KlipschKing (I need to change my name to KefKing)
I am considering a pair of 103-4s from a local resale shop. They really do sound quite amazing. If KlipschKing doesn't go with the Kef Kube, I would be interested. I'm also interested in the brochure about tuning to the room. Thanks so much. Stan S
According to Orion:

Kef Kube 200 Active

MSRP = $400
Used Retail = 131.67 - 160.93
Mint Trade-in = 81.63 - 99.77
Avg Trade-in = 50.04 - 61.16
Hey guys: Just to update, roughly 4 months with the 103/4 now and I'm in love. What a great speaker!! Soundstage is freakish, and the speed of the twin bass drivers is superb. Takes a lot of juice to drive them, but boy do they sing!!
Good to hear you are enjoying your Kef's 103'4s. They are one of the few pair of speakers, that I really wish I had from back in the day.