KEF 102 center speaker

I posted this query on Speaker Asylum as well:

I'm currently using a KEF 200C with a pair of KEF Reference 104.2s, all crossed at 80 Hz to a Velodyne HGS-15 with SMS-1 DRE. I wonder if a 70's vintage KEF 102 might be a better match with the 104.2s, because both use similar dome tweeters whereas the 200 C uses a Uni-Q. Anyone able to advise on this?

there's definitely a sonic difference between the 104.2s and the later uniq stuff. based on the conventional wisdom that you want your center to match your fronts as closely as possible, i'd opt for the 102.
Thanks for the advice, Loomisjohnson. I bought two pairs of mint KEF Reference 102s, and have replaced the KEF 200C with one of the speakers. The 102 is indeed a better match with the 104.2s. The soundstage in 5.1 is now seamless, whereas music seemed uneven across the soundstage with the 200C. I plan to use the other 102s as surrounds.