Keeping Your Krell FPB 600 On (Standby) All The Time?

Hey guys, I am extremely knew to the Krell game. Also, this is my first post here on Audiogon. Well, I just purchased my first Krell amplifier, the FPB 600. It has been recapped, so no worries there. My question lies with leaving the "rear panel breaker" (ie the standy switch) on at all times? I know it states in the manual to leave the breaker on at all times, but the tech I bought it from (Gig Harbor Audio in Washington) said he turns his Krell amp (FPB 300) ALL the way off EVERY time he is done listening. So what are you guy’s thoughts on this? Should I keep the breaker on at all times or should I turn it off? Before the FPB 600, I left my Adcom GFA 565’s on 24/7 and they stayed warmer than the krell ever does when just the breaker is turned on? Opinions, thoughts? Thanks!

Here is my system if you guys are interested. And I know the next thing for me to upgrade is my NAD 1700! lol

System(s): Infinity Kappa 9s, RS IIbs, Krell FPB 600, NAD 1700, Schiit Bifrost Multibit

Cables: Audioquest Castle Rocks, Yukons, Victorias, Coffee USB, NRG 2
Hi Bassfreak.

So just for information - it uses 85 watts on standby and 430 watts when turned on - Idle
When listening to mine on consecutive days it stays on standby.
If the amp will not be used for a few days, or a week or more. The breaker is turned off and the unit unplugged. If it has been off for a long period of time I let it stay on standby overnight -24 hours. This allows the capacitors to form. The manual says it should be ready to go after 20 minutes.... but ....

Its a 20 amp design with a 15 amp wall plug on it. This was done for sales. The amp will benefit (healthwise) if you use it with a 20 amp circuit. In this case change out the power cord to a 20 amp. 

Hope this helps


+1 to @ct0517 's suggestion. I keep my FPB300 in standby unless leaving town for a week or so too. 
You've got yourself a REAL MONSTER amp, enjoy! 

What's next, maybe preamp upgrade? Cheers,
@ct0517 @sbank  Thanks for you guy's responses. I think I will just keep the standby on, except when I leave town. Thankfully, my whole house runs on 20 amp breakers, so we're good there. I just need to get a dedicated AC line now, but that will have to wait a little bit. My next audio purchase will definitely be a preamp upgrade! :)
Hi, and welcome to the Krell family! I’ve got a FPB-300, and it runs warm even in standby. So I turn it off when not in use. I’ve heard others say they hear a difference between a cold start and a warm start, saying it sounds better after an hour or more of warmup. But I have not experienced this myself. It sounds pretty much the same after only 15 minutes of warming up. I watch mine with one of those thermometer pistols, and it reaches full temp within a few minutes of being turned on, so if it’s running 105 degrees, wouldn’t it sound the same as if it has been left on at 105 degrees? But to each his own, it can be difficult to reach the back depending on where you place the amp. But I’d watch the electric bill, it may cost you $30 to $50 a month to let it run. Depending on how often you use it.

 Personally I’m not seeing any real benefits to leaving it on. It sounds the same to me after only 10 to 15 minutes, if that. And isn’t bad when first powered on anyway. I feel better knowing it’s off, saving wear and tear on the caps. And don’t feel like I’m loosing anything in SQ having it off.  Enjoy that 600! That’s a real amp! 
FPB 600’s!

congrats on a pair of extremely special amps. 
They are in the top tier of audio. 
Your lucky.
enjoy them. 
Mine are similar and probably as good, just don’t have the name
  or price tag. 
 Stellar equipment. !!