Keeping TV volume level through 2-channel system

I'm looking for a compressor or similar device to use for my 2-channel home audio system when I watch TV or movies through my Roku device which uses HDMI.

The volume discrepancies are noticeable between loud action scenes and quieter dialog. Not drastic, but enough that I need to ride the volume on the remote to keep it even. For example, watching Netflix, I'm "riding the fader" on every show, and have to anticipate a louder or quieter section.

I use a two-channel audio system for playback (not 5.1), but like I say, it's not drastic like a whole center channel is missing, but rather something more subtle. Signal chain is: Roku HDMI into TV -> TV RCA out -> Luxman integrated.

I was thinking of getting a pro audio compressor, but I also saw some other "volume levelers" but all seem to be discontinued. What can I do to even things out so I don't have to have a remote in my hand at all times?
That's how TV and movie audio is recorded. It drives me nuts.Nothing I've tried has tamed the beast. Good luck.