Keeping track of your records

Just cleaned about 20 records this afternoon, and was wondering how some of you guys keep track of maintance issues. This is how I do it. When I buy used or new I clean it, put it in a VRP ricepaper inner sleeve and a 4 mil outer sleeve on the cover before I play. Then I put a post it on the outside sleeve with info on date cleaned, condition of record any scratches or any other issues.Thats how I keep track. How do you do it I may learn a trick or two from you guys. Thank David
That's great, now you know exactly when the ticks and pops will be heard and if you are willing to sacrifice your stylus to any given obstacle course!
I clean the record, replace the inner sleeve, and when I hear something, I clean it again.
This is a great topic.
Same as you when I clean an LP I put it in a outer sleeve in that way I know they have been cleaned. I don't put any notation on the sleeve but that is a good idea.