Keeping Track of Vinyl Playback Time

I no longer have a phonostage that tracks playing time (hours). Would like to hear how guys keep track of the hours on a cartridge? I have three app would be nice. 

Thanks in advance.


Metal Handheld Tally Counter 4-Digit Number Count Clicker Counter, Hand Mechanical Counters Clickers Pitch Counter

Easy solution. One click per record side. Each record side approximately 20 minutes

I don’t. When I hear a problem with my stylist then I will know it is time for maintenance. 

My last cartridge boasted of +3,000 of play time. I had it for over fifteen years and never reached it. Sold the turntable. I was working then… I listen to more music now. 

SOTA has an accessory for some of their turntables called the Roadrunner.   It uses a Hall effect sensor to feed back the platter speed to the motor controller for precise speed .   One nice feature is that it also has a counter in it that keeps track of stylus time 

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@rdk777: Fremer reviewed a cheap little accessory that is a timer for stylus'. Look for it in the Stereophile Analog Planet archives. 

The website for the timer Fremer reviewed is:

I bought one but haven't used it yet - - - still doing the click counter thing for my several year old Ortofon Jubilee.  Once I change cartridges, I'll deploy the Stylus. Timer.

Thanks all for the suggestions.  The StylusTimer seems like it would work.  I have gotten used to tracking the hours thru my phonostage, and would like to continue to do so.

Like @ghdprentice I don't and my turntable keeps track of playing time. Not all styluses are created equal. Then they are also subject to a variety of conditions. The only real way to keep track of stylus wear is to look at the stylus once in a while. Unfortunately, there is no easy, inexpensive way to do this. A cheap USB microscope will not do it. You have to spend at least a grand to get anything powerful and stable enough to see stylus wear. On top of this you need special lighting. You can send it out every so often to somebody like WallyTools, great service but a PITA. Most people just go out and get a new cartridge at intervals like every 5 years.

My own routine now is I rotate three cartridges. Everytime there is a rotation I examine the stylus coming off the turntable. If it were to show signs of wear it would be sent back to the factory for exchange or rebuild. I rotate cartridges every six months or so. 

Thanks, just ordered a Stylus Timer. Wish I could go back and add my current usage. I guess I can just start it and let it run till it has the correct time.