Keeping the power of a integrated on

Hi I just recently bought an Exposure 2010s integrated. Which is fantastic. I was told never to turn it off (except when leaving it for an extended period of time). Apparently it helps with the longevity and sound of the amp. Is this true/essential? Thanks for you help.
Wow. Thanks
Naim audio also makes the same claim for their amps, cds and power supplies.
I'm also told the same thing by exposure chief designer, Tony Brady, as he replied to my queries concerning a small "bluupk" sound when switch-on the amp. I have not tried to leave the amp on for more than one day, sometimes I leave it on for the whole day and I think it's like warming it up on a continuous basis so it will be ready anytime u want to use it. My hearing tells me that 2010s sounds better when it's been warmed up.
Do you have the same problem when switch on the amp, or any other problems/experiences with 2010s? What speaker do
u use?
I'm still on the quest of finding an ideal speaker for my 2010s. Currently i'm using wharfedale diamond 9.1 75th anniv. edition with nominal impedance of 6 ohm.
Is it true that only 8ohm speaker would be ideal for 2010s? This is based on:
1) My system sound rather odd, it's like there is pressure in the sound, the speaker sounding tensed, especially in the mid region. It can also sound too "high spirit" or "in a hurry", I'm sure that tempo of some songs become abnormal, become too quick.
I have less problem if the cd material is well recorded such as from Reference recordings, telarc, chesky. but with many cd from regular recording companies, these problems very likely to occur.
2) 2010s manual book mention that it is compatible with almost any loudspeakers but would be best if paired with 8ohm speakers.
3) Exposure doesn't give specification such as power rating at any other impedance than 8ohm.
no. 2 & 3 above: is it just me or exposure really implying that there might be an issue if using lower impedance speakers?
Any opinion on this? Thank u in advance.