Keeping PT combo, or buy new CDP???

Hello there. It's been a while since I posted here last time. Looking forward to holiday season, my upgrading bug is biting me again. I now own Perp Tech P1/P3 + Monolithic + Audio Magic ref I2S, and mod'd Pioneer 525 DVDP.
Partially because PT's SOCS is slow to emerge, I started to search the next step. Having fairly good sounding (I think) speakers and tube amp, front end has been always my weakest link. It's not that I feel miserable, but maybe just obsession, I want to upgrade the entrance of the signal. The search came up with Cary's new D306/200, with LOTS of positive review and comments here and there despite that Cary has never been a digital company. I know it's VERY expensive, but considering no need for a good digital IC, one less power cord, space, and assuming I can live with it for a long long time with the better sound, I think it's worth it. Selling the PT combo set may fetch about the third of the cost.
Having said that, I am still wondering whether Cary 306/200 will be a huge improvement. I know that I have to hear for myself, and I will, but I would like some insight from those experienced proficients in terms of sound as well as reliability and service of both manufacturers, or other recommendations. I listen mostly to acoustic (piano, violin, organ, etc.), with sometimes choral or vocal music. Thank you in advance. Ken
I struggled for most of the last year with a new middle and back end, trying various front ends. Dismissed the ARCAM, Bel Canto, and a couple of others, then stumbled upon the Electrocompaniet emc-1, esp in MkII guise. An amazing front end. Once in a while you can find a nearly new emc-1 for sale here around $2-2.4k. A GREAT deal. I was able to get a couple of thet new 24/192 DAC upgrade kits pretty cheap; the concensus is strong that this improvement is strong.
Just couldn't get happy with Planets or Genkis, either; never checked Meridien or Cary, though. Good luck, and try out an emc-1 if you can borrow one. Stunning bass, full mids, detailed top with NO glare or fatiguing digital artifacts (HOORAY!), and has outstanding PRaT. Awright, enough already.... Good luck.
Hi Khokugo, the Cary is very good and like most of the Cary stuff it is very reliable with excellent support should something go wrong. IMO it would be an improvement and like you said one less digital IC and one PC. I am very familiar with this CDP and as good as it is I agree with Subaruguru comments. If possible compare the two. I think you will find the EMC-1 or 2 hard to beat. Best of luck.
Thank you both. I will definitely try EMC-1. BTW, have you tried PT combo? What do you think of them comparing with EMC or Cary? Ken