Keeping it LOW

I'd be interested in hearing from enthusiasts of off the beaten path Double Bass, Bassoon, Tuba, etc. recordings. Any favorite recordings that we may not know about? No cello - that could be a whole thread by itself (probably is), and isn't quite LOOOOOWWW enough.

I'm at work, so no access to browse the stacks, but a few that come to mind are:

- Dragonetti Lives - Bertram Turetzky, totally awesome double bass (Takoma).

- Rodion Azarkhin - Incredible Virtuoso Performances on the Double Bass (Columbia)

- Sherman Walt - Vivaldi Bassoon Concertos (RCA Living Stereo)

- Sweet and Low - The London Serpent Trio (Titanic)

- Bassooniana - Arthur Grossman/Bruce Grainger (MHS)

I have mostly lp's so don't know which of these are available on CD. Anything you Audiogoner's think is essential?
L'Apres Midi d'Un Dinosaur (Hyperion CDH88035, deleted)

The Bass Nightingale

Jah Wobble and Evan Parker project on
Their project(don't remember the exact name goes bellow 30Hz).
For a vocal treat, try a recording of Rachmaninov's Vespers, particularly one with a Russian or Estonian chorus. The bass singers go really, really low -- sub-basement.
All of these are LPs in my collection that I'd recommends:

Gary Karr "Adagio d'Albinoni" on Super Analogue 9125 (double bass)

Bottesini, Conc No. 2 for Double Bass & Orchestra, Wedin/OskarshamnEns, Fredin -db, Opus 3 8502 (available new on CD only)

Bottesini, Grand Concerto in f for Double Bass, Litton/ECO, Martin -db, ASV DCA 563

"Music for Tuba" with Michael Lind, tuba Caprice CAP 1143 (includes Vaughan Williams' "Concerto for Tuba," Lundquist's "Landskap for tuba och straker", Jacobsen's "Konsert for tuba" and Nilsson's "Bass for solo-tuba and percussion")

Ray Brown and Laurindo Almeida, "Moonlight Sonata" Jeton 33004 (available new on LP)

"Music for Trombone and Bass Tuba" Torge -trmb, Lind -tuba, BIS LP95

Also agree with Kal's suggestion of "L'Apres Midi d'Un Dinosaur" - fun music! (originally issued on LP as Hyperion A66054)
Fairfield Four... (This is the black gospel group that sang during the flood in the movie "O'Brother Without Thou"). The song is "These Bones". The bass sings so loowwww it will shake the rafters!
Here is something you may like. Accross the country people perform "Tuba Christmas". You might get a kick out of it.
Definately something you don't hear on prime time.
Go to their website for the location nearest you.
Looks like you are mainly into classical music, but if you're willing to try a pop cd, here's an interesting one: P.J. Harvey's _To Bring You My Love_ album. Check out the opening riff on "Working for the Man." Excellent album, by the way, as we've come to expect from the remarkable Polly Jean.
How about an avant garde jazz piano CD? Paul Bley plays a Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand piano with Gary Peacock on double-bass and Paul Motian on drums on the 1999 ECM release "Not Two, Not One". Typical great ECM production quality. The lower register piano sonics, particularly on the first cut "Not Zero", are absolutely astounding. I've never heard anything else like it.
You will want to take a look at the cheesily but aptly named album "Super Double-Bass" by Gary Karr, on First Impression Music. This is JVC XRCD24, which is about as good as CD can sound. Transcriptions for double-bass and organ.

For voice, also note "Compostela," by Ensemble Organum, on Ambroisie. The recording, done by the first-rate Musica Numeris, is easily the best recorded chant CD I have ever heard (I've heard many). Antoine Sicot is an astounding French Basso profundo.
Thanks for the responses everyone. There's definitely some very interesting stuff here I'll check out.

You HAVE to get your hands on James Carter's "Chasin' the Gypsy"! This guy is the next great tenor player, but get this... He plays BASS sax on the first track of this recording. Yes, I mean bass sax.