Keeping Insider status

After a month, I think I am going to cancel the Insider subscription. 
There really hasn't been much action here to warrant the $10 fee, and I don't sell that much, either.
So, how are you other insiders feeling?

The blue book lists only 1 component in my comprehensive system.

There is less bagging/trolling

I've only been a member for a month so I am still reading...

There is a chat feature that I hadn’t known we had access to, which was nice to utilize. The forum was down a few days back and I was able to receive an answer from Tammy right then and there. 

If you are selling or buying gear, the Blue Book is a very important source of information.  Other but I was paying that before that amount made me an "Insider" so whatever benefit comes from that was "free" to me.  But I do agree that there seems to be little benefit from the term.