Keeping dustcover looking new

Just bought a new dustcover for my TT ,love the clean,shiny, no swirl-mark look. Any tips on keeping plexiglass looking good?. In the past I would lightly dust with Windex,but over time the hazy swirl marks inevitably appear. What do you recommend to protect a new DC? Ive heard car wax, Armorall, rain-x, etc. Any ones experience is appreciated.
You need to use a microfiber towel. The same ones that you use to detail a car with.
Use an eye glass cloth. Spray with flat screen cleaner then wipe in only one direction and only once. Go every slowly getting as much liquid off as possible and let air dry the rest of the way.

yes, microfiber towel and should you need anything else, then this,

Novus Plastic Polish

1 - for clean and shine
2 - for fine scratch remover
3 - for heavy scratch remover

Have used this on a bad looking DC, and it almost came out looking new.
Tls49 +1

Novus or any decent motorcycle helmet shield polisher should work well.
If you still have your old one with scratches, look up the procedure for restoring headlight lenses (Youtube would probably be the best place). It's not difficult, and if you take your time and do a good job, you won't be able to tell it from new.
Tls49 - have you ever tried using Novus Plastic Polish on a badly scratched CD?

I've seen posts about using Brasso, which I think would be a little too abrasive.

I did try some silver polish, which is significantly finer than Brasso, and although it looked good to the naked eye, when attempting to copy using dbpoweramp there were significantly more re-ripped frames reported.

Thanks in advance

Willie, Novus list use for CD's, and I've seen posts where it was used with good results, but I've never tried it.

Also, for the turntable DC, some other products or procedures may prove to be risky. Novus will definitely be safe to use.
Never...never...never use Windex on plastic! Use plastic polish, like Novus, available at any plastics shop. It's very inexpensive.
How about a (virgin) Swiffer and canned air first to remove the abrasive dust?
You may not need to clean/polish unless you've touched it.
I keep mine covered with a micro fiber or silk cloth this way not really any dust to remove. If left exposed I always blow off dust first with keyboard duster. Then use a Flitz micro fiber cloth and spray called Plexus.
NEVER use windex, keep away from direct sunlight and a damp fibercloth with water is all that is needed and as stated above go in one direction when cleaning, never circular. Avoid anything abrasive or chemical. Where there are fingerprint smudges, a mild dish detergent solution with water will be sufficient. Wipe dry with lint free or microfiber cloth.
FWIW, I just ordered a 8oz bottle of Novus #1 cleaner /polish. Will update with results in the future if anyone is interested...
I would recommend Plexus plastic cleaner. It is good for all types of plastic and only use it with a soft microfiber towel, never a paper towel. I use it on my dust cover and motorcycle lexan and acrylic windshields.