Keeping backup equipment?

I recently had to send my amplifier in For service. In its place I picked up a used Schiit Vidar to tide me over. 
So now that I have my main amplifier back and it seems to back to making me happy I’m wondering if I should keep the Schiit or sell it. On one hand it makes sense to have a backup ready to go, on the other my main amp has
been flawless for several years. So it sort of seems a waste and maybe someone, like me, may need one on the cheap.

so for those running separates, do you have backups stored away for emergency’s?
My audio system has two sets of amplification. When I want to really sit back with a fine single malt and get involved in the music, I turn on my tube mono blocks using CDs as my source. When I just want to have background music on or tunes for a party, I switch over to my SS amp. This saves life on the tubes and gives me a backup in case I need service on my main system. Both systems use a tube based preamp and the same set of speakers so its not exactly like having two separate systems but it serves my purpose well.

I'm keeping enough separate components on hand so when my daughter gets set in any one place long enough she will have a system set up.  I gave her a McIntosh RS100 for their current apartment, which sounds great (if they would just play it loud enough).  When they get settled someplace, I'll give them a real system to play their "indie folk".
If you can afford it, hang onto your "emergency" gear.  If your car needs tires, brakes a new fuel pump, and a tune up, then sell it and take care of more pressing things with that money.  Let's face it, getting to work is the absolute most important thing in life, that is while one is still working.