Keep Sony 9000ES and add DAC or buy new CDP?

I have a Sony 9000ES- shall i buy a DAC like Musical Fid A324 or just buy a new CD player. Does 9000ES make good transports??
That is exactly what I am going to do. The 9000 is built like a tank and is a very stable transport that should last you for years. I had the opportunity to home audition a freinds Musical Fidelity in conjunction with the 9000. Very nice. However, I plan on researching other DACS as I believe that even used the Musical Fidelity is quite pricey. The cost of digital technology goes down to quickly. It just may well be that the MF will be obsolete next year. Just a thought.
Do yourself a favor. Ship your 9000 to Modwright. For the price of the MF you can have a tubed CD/SACD/DVD better than a Sony 777 in stereo. Check it out before you buy a DAC. My modded 9000 blows away anything under 3500 bucks.