Keep Krell KSA-300 or go with PS Audio Classic 250

My system current is Krell KSA-300S amp with Sonic frontiers Line 2SE pre-amp and Duntech Crown Prince speakers. I have a chance to buy a PS Audio Classic 250.Please give me your advice or opinion about that. Should I go with PS Audio Classic 250 or stay with Krell ? Thank you so much. Typn2.
I'd stay with the Krell.
I would personaly stay with the Krell. And not for sonic reasons, but I would have to guess that in the long run the best would be to go tube.I don't think that the changing of SS amps will make a significant improvement in sound. I might get blasted by the Krell fan club but thats my honest opinion.
I'd stay with the Krell, unless you don't like it for some reason?

It may not be as pretty as the Classic 250, but it's twice the amp.


Keep the Krell!
Stick with the Krell and as a preventive measure have it serviced by Krell if it has not been serviced before. It is very near the service time window now. Preventive maintenace is far less costly than a major problem down the road.