Keep it clean...

I use a PS Audio P3 but have been told to ditch it & just use a high quality distribution block i.e.- Furutech, GutWire, Argento etc.
The argument is that even though the P3 & similar products produce clean power with apparently no restriction to the sound, there is still some compression. Additionally the use of such devices determines which components are used due to wattage limitations applied to these products.

What are your views & experiences?
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I have a P10 and would not be without it. If there is any "compression," it's sure news to me. My guess is that you're hearing from folks who don't sell the PS Audio regenerators and/or base their opinions on the first generation models like the P300 (which I hasten to say, worked just fine in my system as long as I limited the number and type of components attached to it).
Try Isotek. I replaced my P5 with one and it was an improvement. One I did not expect. PS regenerators are great for video systems
Thanks Dopogue & Jperry. I would be interested to hear a P10 in my system...
As for exchanging a P5 for an IsoTek that is a surprise. Which one are you using?

Does anyone own or heard Balanced Power Technologies?
I am currently (no pun intended) using an Isotek Sigmas GII.

All I can say is it was a surprise to me too. I would be interested in hearing your observations if you replaced your P3 with an Isotek.
Ok so what were the differences/improvements & what is your system?
There was a layer of what I can only describe as grit or glaze that was removed from my system, increasing the overall clarity.

Easily audible, but more difficult to describe. If you can try one you should. I don't recommend buying blind unless you get a great deal and will not take a loss on resale. Your system is different, and your results may be different. If you do try one I would be interested in your comments.

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Jim Perry