Keep equipement or trade?

Now that I have been browsing these forums for awhile and since I have been an audiophile for alongtime so to speak since I am only 19 (i have always loved music and played) I have noticed some trends with people and their equipment.

1. Their are some people that keep their equipment. Not just keep it they keep it forever it gets hard use and they love it. They would never trade up for anything.

2. Those people that trade up all the time for the next best and greatest model. They are always looking for new speakers and what have you.

Now which catagorey do you fit in? Or do you see yourself fitting into one of these. I myself think I fit into the group that likes what they have and keeps it for along time.

For those of you who trade up all the time why are you never satasified with what you have and area always looking for the very best or what is it that fuels the trading up or sideways or whatever?
I like to try new things but because I try to keep my audio expenditures to a minimum, it's got to be a great deal that makes sense. A lot of times that's a trade rather than simply buying and selling. I like trading because people get creative but also because it cuts down on waiting time for your new gear. All that being said, I'll keep something if I really love it or think that it would be hard to replace. A good example is my Alon Lotus speakers, because I think they're undervalued I got a great price, but that also means I might have to resell at a fairly low price. Combine that with the fact that I really believe the speaker competes with many designs up to $5K and is very easy to drive, and it makes the replacement cost prohibitive. So they're a keeper. So I guess I'm mostly 2 with a bit of 1.
Wow Jond, you described me almost exactly. I just haven't made any trades, but what a good idea! I have gear like your Alon Lotuses--my preamp is a good example.

When I started building up my current system, I was looking to hear music the way it played on high-end gear I had heard and wanted to own. In other words, I had a goal: wonderful sound on great equipment--at bargain prices. I've reached that goal, I'm happy to say, although that doesn't mean I'l stop tweaking or upgrading.

I wonder if the 2s eventually turn into 1s once they find what they were looking for... or if the 2s look like 1s when they run short of cash.
Vevy simple:
It all depends on personality if you know what I mean:-)
When looking at my system, there is nothing in it over 2 years old, so I guess that makes me a 2. I would say it's a sense of adventure that leads one to experiment with new things. Some experiment in different ways, with automobiles, women, etc. I still have a car that I bought new in 1987, and a wife since 1984 (no I have not experimented!). So I guess audio is where my adventuresome side comes out and plays. After years of experimenting I've learned that you can be happy, but you can 'usually' do better also. I quote 'usually', because all change isn't for the better. Which can lead to more change.

I've been an audiophile (psycho??) for 30 years. I did live without changing anything for 7 years (a personal record). I did this at a time when my children were younger and required more attention. As they've progressed into their teenage years, and have become more reclusive, I've recently found myself being drawn back onto the merry-go-round. So I guess I've been a 1, but I'm currently a 2. I would say that I listen to music more now. I don't think it's because I'm an equipmentphile, I think it's simply because I also have more free time now then when my children were younger.
Believe it or not, they don't find dad as much fun to be around as they used to.
Sorry for the long reply, but I guess it's a complex issue.
Conclusion: I was a 2 who became a 1, who then has become a 2 again.

Happy Holidays,
I've fluctuated between being a one & a two & have been trying to settle down again. Some of my trades have been within the line itself & I'll use my amps for example: Once I settled on the Ayre line I had a V-3 for a year then upgraded to the V-5x for 2 years & have recently acquired a V-1x.

Now I find I do more experimenting with tweaks than anything & am always open for something else. Might not be better but you don't know unless you try.
The only thing that stops me from trading up is money, period. The only reason that I don't have better stuff is money. I'd love to have a pair of bi-amped Genesis 1 speakers, top of the line Levinson or Audio Research amps and preamps, Wadia cd player and a world class turntable and phono preamp with a killer cartridge.

I will always trade up when I can afford to. The great thing about this hobby is that today's really great sounding expensive stuff will be used equipment in a few will still sound great and be more affordable, and it will still sound great.
I was a 1 until I found Audiogon. Now I am a 1.5. Not always looking for the latest and greatest, but keeping my out for great gear at good prices, in an effort to "move up the ladder".
"Keeps it for a long time?"-As Billy Crystal says:"I got socks in my draw older than that. (19 years old???)Wait till you start making big bucks--you'll be as neurotic as the rest of us.
I was a 1 for over 25 years! I bought good stuff and kept it that long. Now I gave it all to my two sons and they continue to use it every day. The good old stuff still holds up even by todays standards.

Then I became a 2. I bought all new stuff (big bucks)and now feel the new system sounds far better than the old one. So I'm a happy camper.

Now I have reverted back to a 1 perhaps for another 25 years and that would be just fine.

It's a great hobby and the bottom line is there is no right or wrong approach as long as it works for you. But always remember to listen to the music more than the equipment. The music is what matters most, the equipment is merely a tool to bring it to you.

Good luck.

I was a ZERO until I found Audiogon.

Now I'm a raging TWO, trying to become a ONE POINT SIX SIX SIX...
for the last few years ive been a 2 but im at the point ill be a 1 in a few weeks.

over the last 2 years ive gone thru a ton & i mean a ton of gear(over 100 different peices)not including 7 different sets of speakers.

the new rig is gonna be with me for quite a few years, in a few more weeks i can re post my new rig in done for now then ill truly be a 1.

I fit in exactly as in Mitch4t situation.Would like to own the very best but simply can't afford it.Even at that I still own an impressive system.Over the years I bought some nice equipment,that still have.I try to buy something that I like and with good reputation.Since discovering Audiogon I am in Heaven.
Gunbei a question for you.What do you mean "you were a zero"
Do you mean "a non audiophile".
Cheers to all of you guys an happy listening.
All of you 1's are liars and are in denial.

You keep coming back to the 'Gon like addicts to a crack house to keep abreast of what's new and to get some assurance that you are still current or slightly ahead of the game. If enough killer reviews come in, you start to question your current equipment, no matter how good it still have an inkling that if you bought that additional piece, it just might be the one to get you to the holy grail of audio.

I dare any of you 1's to:

1. cancel your subscriptions to any audio magazines that you have for six months
2. do not visit Audiogon for six months

Admit it like the rest of us 2's, you are hooked and hopeless. Now live with it.

The first step to recovery is the same thing they do in AA,
"my name is________and I am and audio addict".

Yeah right! If I had a LP for every time I heard that line:

'for the last few years ive been a 2 but im at the point ill be a 1 in a few weeks.'

My warehouse would be bursting at the seems.

while i cant deny that its hard to stay in one place for long in this hobby i firmly believe that ive found the place where i want to be with my rig.

ive never been into reviews & the latest & greatest gear,most of my efforts have been concentrated on moving up the ladder within the mcintosh line.

there is always the chance (a good chance) that i will do somthing different with my setup & most likely that will be to explore cables,interconnects & different dac's.

ill never completely stop changing things in my rig & i know that but for the most part im satisfied with the main components in my new rig /amp,cdp's,pre & speakers.

i hope i stay this content with the new rig & i truly believe i will.

I guess I'm a 3. I buy some, keep some, sell some, trade some, and build some. The stuff I build usually stays, but that doesn't mean I won't build something similar!

I don't care about the latest & greatest, and don't subscribe to any audio magazine. I do spend a fair amount of time here. I care about quality and value above all, except for the sound, of course. I'm actually quite happy with most of my current kit right now. But that does not mean it's all set in stone.

Now I do like to tweak, tube roll, and play with cables. I still have not sold a set of cables or any of my 200+ tubes, but one of these days....

But, "My name is Joe and I am an Audio Addict!"
Hey Yioryos, how are you doing? How are things in Canada?

Yes, about your ZERO question. I'd always had an affinity for audio equipment since I was a kid, but discovering Audiogon over four years ago has completely changed my approach and outlook on what is possible with 2 channel music systems.

My problem is that I have other interests to distract me as well, and I often get on these intense researching and buying kicks for short periods of time. Cars, comics, watches, woodworking, history books, blah, blah, blah. And of course, curvy, olive and brown skin women.
I am the type that would buy a state of the art system or at least the best I could afford and keep it forever. But unfortunately, I can't stay off the boards so I get the upgrade bugs.

I grow attached to people, dealers (I prefer to be a one store kind of guy if possible), environment, and equipment etc. So in the perfect world, I would simply keep all the gear even when I'm not using it (I have all my old gaming systems). But I've made a concious, although perhaps unwise decision to spend my money now. Because I know that when I get married, I will never get a chance to be the audiophile that I am now.
What is it with newly married audiophiles? I see one guy just got married so he's selling a pair od Dynaudio S5.4's that he's had for only 3 months. He's also selling McCormack amp/preamp that he's owned for less than 2 months! Why? Didn't he know he was going to get married? This isn't unusual, I've seen it before. The funny part is that many times the equipment lasts longer than the marriage.

Howie, why do you feel that when you get married your chance to be an audiophile is over?

Enjoying audio equipment isn't like drinking, smoking and sex. I gave all that up when I got married. My audiophile card is as strong as ever, even after more than 20 years of wedded bliss (an oxymoron).
Audiophile is in the blood. You can only lie to yourself for so long. I do make some aesthetic concessions to my wife, but the value of my equipment contines to grow.
Invest wisely, upgrade wisely and you'll be amazed what kind of system you'll have in 25 years. My system now is so much better than when I got married that it's not even comparable. I have more $$$ in power cords now than my whole system cost while single.

It's not that getting married makes you wealthy. It's because my OTHER expenditures have gone away. Living the high life as a single man is exciting, but can be expensive. I don't spend as much nowadays on cars, trips, socializing, etc.
That money I save by not buying the new 'Vette or taking the trips to Vegas, can be funneled into other areas like home improvements including electronic upgrades.

Getting married isn't the end of the quest, for many of us, it's a beginning.
Jmcgrogan2 and the rest of you, please go to my system page at mitch4t and look at the last photo on my page.

If you follow the capton in the photo, that will prevent the selling off of audio equipment prior to marriage.

Jmcgrogan2. Besides the financial issue of raising your kids and saving up for education and retirement, I just can't imagine myself marrying a wife that would let me have a dedicated room where I can sit for hours (even an hour or two) without being disturbed and just listen to music, while she is off doing something else. At least not for the first few years of marriage, or unless I make enough money or until after the kids are grown up. There is just no way I can be as carefree as I am now. It's something I expect. But I'm saying all this with my long-time girlfriend in mind. It is my belief that every relationship/marriage works differently.

As for people selling off their newly bought gear soon after they got married. I just see so many factors involved. It could be because he/she found that he just doesn't have the time anymore to listen and so they're unused. Or because they understimated the expenditures needed (perhaps they just moved into a new house or their wife quit the job to stay home etc.) I don't mean to sound grim because that is not my intention. But for most of us, it is going to be a new environment with new commitments and really require some real sacrifices that can at times be daunting. Perhaps I like to prepare for the worst possible scenario so it's usually better than expected. I definitely don't want to be surprised and have my marriage end badly. Honestly, I'm thinking that if you want your wife to stay home, you'll have to devote more time to her. If she has her own hobbies and life, you can do your own thing more often, but you might complain that she's never home. Always a tradeoff no?