Keep dac or not?

Would like to get advice, opinions or thoughts. Have a msb link dac 3 with 132 upsampling chip,and msb power base,older harman kardon 710 as transport. O.K. I know the hk is the weak link in system.My question is would it be better to go with a decent, budget transport,or just get rid of dac in favor of good used cd player.Maybe something like an adcom 750 or rega appolo,or would that just be a lateral move? Jazz and rock are my preference,but a little bit of everything finds its way threw my system. The rest of my system.Von Schweikert vr3,Audio research ls3,msb dac /power base,Anthem statement a2 power amp,h.k. 710 cdp/transport,yamaha 800 fm tuner,luxman 289 tt. Straight wire rhapsody,virtuoso and mestro interconnects.THANK MAXWELL
These days, a good single box player can pretty handily beat up on a lower- to mid-end transport/DAC. A Rega Apollo will be a significant upgrade at a very reasonable price, especially if you can find a used or demo unit for $600 or so.

On the other hand, Cambridge Audio has a new low-priced DAC that's getting great reviews:

I'm not sure if it's available in the US, but it seems to be getting good word of mouth in Europe and probably sells in the $300 range. Add a better transport -- say, a now-obsolete Denon 2800 DVD layer -- for maybe $100 (it was over $1,000 new thanks to its tank-like build quality) and you're back in business for well under $500.

Of course, don't count out Cambridge's own single box players, which are very good, and be sure to also listen to the Rotel RCD-1072 and, before you spend big bucks, the Marantz CD5003 (about $350!).