Keep a Krell KST-100

I have a Krell KST-100 driving Vandersteen 2 ce. It's time for new caps for the Krell, is it worth doing? Latest repair costs from Krell are in the $600-700 range, or do I boot it for something else? I realize it's a 15+ year old amp and maybe it's time to move on. Suggestions under $2000 would be great.

My system is:

YBA 2 pre
ARcam FMJ-33 cd player
Sota Star/Alphason with Grado Sonata
Mac Mini w/ Wavelength Brick
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Krell refurbished my +14 year old KSA-250 two years ago. Came back as good as new! At the risk of iritating a lot of Krell, and other high end power amp, owners; old Krell power amps are nearly as good as anything you can buy new IMHO. Keep the Krell and have it refurbished if you like the sound.
I agree with Mgattch, but... the KST is not in the same league as other older Krells. I say move on, perhaps to a better older Krell.
I'd have to agree with Unsound. The KST isn't a horrible amp, but it isn't a great one either & it certainly isn't on the level of the KSA series of amplifiers.
How bad are the KST-100's
Not much about them anywhere.
I had a kst-100....and it was a good amp but a bit of a space heater. Dunno...the old boat anchors sound good, but are starting to lose their appeal to me.