Keces DA-151 Mk2 -VS- Grant Fidelity DAC-09

Anyone heard both of these DACs? Or does anyone have a recommendation on which way to go for a $300 DAC?

My system:
Apple TV as music server -> NAD C372 Integrated Amp -> PSB Platinum M2 Monitors

My music:
Primarily post-rock (Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, This Will Destroy You, etc.), singer-songwriters, and northern Indian classical music. Apple Lossless files.

There are some positive reviews of the Keces, the GF is a new product and I have yet to see any reviews on it. Ian at GF is a nice chap so I would lean towards giving his product a shot, plus I believe they have an in home trial period. At that price point the Musical Fidelity VDAC is also available and has been well reviewed by many, including the latest issue of Stereophile.