Keces da-131, any reviews or thoughts?

I'm in the market for a DAC to go with my Parasound Model 2100 preamp and a Wadia iTransport, if it ever ships. I don't want to spend more than $300-400 either new or used. Does any of you own a Keces Dac. The reviews I have seen from the Headphone crowd look good, but wondering how it works in a main setup. For that matter, can you get a quality DAC under $400. Don't really want to spend more.
I have a similar but new Taiwanese DAc build by VALAB. If i told you it replaced my pink triangle da capo, audionote 2.1x balanced DAC then you will know how good it must sound for the $100 asking price, yes $100. The Taiwanese seem to have an understanding about the structure of music that enables a lot of their products to be some of the most musically enjoyable and relaxing bits of equipment I have ever owned.

I was going to take a chance on the VALAB 1543 x 8 Dac myself. If you replaced an audionote 2.1, you must think it is pretty good. One question I have is how is the midrange quality?