KD 500 w/ Grace 707 arm. Stylus type.

No way I'm trying to play with VTA or Azmth. So does that leave out shibata, microline etc. etc cartridges? Are conical or elliptical styli the best for this combo? Thanks in advance for all your replies.
Many moons ago I owned that table and arm. Any Grado is a perfect match for the 7 gram mass 707. BTW, that KD 500 is an outstanding table!!
Thanks! When I put the 707 on it was with  a Grado FTE+1? The hum was deafening. Switched out to a Radio Shack R27? Like a Shure M75 I think. No hum, sounds good. Just wondering what's out there. All the special styli seem to produce best if the tonearm is adjustable. Not doing that. Is what it is.
I can't really help in any way, but I'm awfully curious as to why you're so adverse to doing any kind of adjustments?  It's not, after all, as if adjusting VAT or azimuth is particularly difficult....
It’s kinda like saying that I’ve got this car I’m going to drive it but there is no way I’m going to even touch the steering wheel....

the very nature of driving requires that you at least learn the controls.

Turntables are much the same.

To reach high level/high quality playback via analog, then one must not just learn the controls..but master them..to also learn much about the self and how one hears; to be refined in multiple directions.

It’s like buying a Ferrari or Ariel Atom... and only using it to get groceries.

You should have a Rega instead, as they are designed with all of this in situ.

Or, get the table to a professional, so they can do the set up for you and then just leave it alone, except for swapping out styli when the time comes.

Guys, the tonearm the OP is going to use does not afford azimuth adjustment. That is what he is talking about. So he therefore believes he should select a stylus shape that is relatively tolerant of inaccurate azimuth adjustment. He could do two things: he could shim the cartridge and adjust azimuth in that Way. Which is a royal pain in the a-- .Or, he is talking about sticking to cartridges with elliptical or conical styli, which are relatively tolerant of azimuth.

My opinion is that the OP should not worry about this issue at all. He should buy a cartridge that he wants to buy, regardless of the stylus shape. Listening will be the final test of whether azimuth adjustment is crucial or not.

The OP is not saying that he does not want to drive the car.
That tonearm is only going to be happy with a high compliance cartridge.  New Ortofon 2M series, some Grados or a used Grace cartridge.  Said from experience.
Thanks for all your replies! There is no way to adjust VTA or SRA on the fly with this tonearm. Not buying a new one. I'm fine with that. I agree that I need a high compliance cartridge. I was just wondering if I could get a high compliance cartridge with a Shibata or Microline stylus that would " plug in" which on this tonearm is a PITA. Everything I've read about those fancy styli are you need to dial them in for each record thickness ,etc. The one Grado I had produce tons of hum. The Shure is quiet. Again thanks. You guys/gals are the best.
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 If I had to dial-in VTA and azimuth for every LP that I want to play, I would not be into vinyl at all. True, there are some anal individuals who feel compelled to do fiddly  things like that. I don’t. And I have wonderful sound from vinyl using Shibata, OCL, micro ridge, you name it styli. Most of my many tonearms do provide for VTA on the fly. But I really never take advantage of that so-called feature. I set VTA for an average LP in a static state, after setting the VTF and all the other alignment parameters. Then I forget about it.  Life is short. Enjoy your system. 
Running Art9 on a 707 sounds wonderful.   0C9iii is also great with this arm as well.   You don't need to keep adjusting VTA, just spend a small amount of time when you install cart listening and some adjustment.  Piece of cake and then leave it be.
Everything I’ve read about those fancy styli are you need to dial them in for each record thickness ,etc.

Just goes to show that you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Read the last four sentences of lewm’s post instead, take them to heart and live happily ever after.

Apologies for the stupid question regarding adjustments: I’ve not seen a Grace 707 for a couple of decades and had forgotten about its lack of adjustments. Silly, silly.
Wow! Thanks so much for all the prompt and informative replies. I just found an unused Audio Technica LS 400 which I understand has high compliance and the possibility to upgrade to a  Shibata or Microline stylus. Thanks again for the help!