KCI Silkworm vs Cable Research Labs Copper?

Anyone compared the KCI Silkworm with the exceptional Cable Research Labs Copper IC? Ditto Ridge Street Poiema-3 ?
I owned both. I loved the Silkworm, but the TRL cable caused me to sell the silkworm after the first week.

Yes, I am selling the TRL now, but ONLY because I can't use it's lengh in my new rack. The TRL cable is quite stiff.

I forgot to mention this cable as a past one I have owned. I have owned to many:-)

Anyway the TRL/FIM sliver has far better dynamics and punch. It is also more transparent and delivers more weight and scale. It throws a far wider and deeper stage.

The Silkworm is a tad warmer and the highs more "set back".

You can take my comments with a grain of salt if you like as I do have the TRL Silver for sale and some may think I am "selling".

That is not my intent. Both are good. I found the TRL simply opened up more of the music and got more out of the way.
I just realized the cable listed was CRL not TRL. My mistake.
Sorry for the mistake.
Well, after living with for a while, the CRL Copper has definite weaknesses that I won't go into at this time. So it's back to the drawing board. I'm now considering the Fusion Romance line. Any comments on that, particularly the Romance II?
Pmboyd, do you currently have the Silkworm cables?
Arthur, I don't have the Silkworm ICs, but am considering them. I'm looking for a dac-pre cable that is detailed yet relaxed, with harmonic depth. Too many cables sound thin and emotionally uninvolving to me.