KCI Silkwood plus cables?

Does anyone have any information/feedback they can share about the KCI Silkwood plus cables? Are there any stores in Ontario showing these?
You mean Silkworm+
You are correct Jriggy, I was following Springbok10's point on another thread...
Any feedback on the SilkWORM+?
Been using 2 pair of the SilkWorm+ SEs for quite a while now. Great sounding cables that add just the right level of warmth. John (owner of KCI) provides the best service, and is always happy to discuss your needs or questions.

Highly recommended.
I wonder if any Canadian retailers sell these cables?
Pretty sure KCI is direct only.
And with a 30 day trial! So go for it and let us know what you think...
Having received a pair of Silkworm + IC's just a couple of weeks ago and giving them time to burn-in I have found these to be excellent sounding cables.

Tone is full, soundstage is large and focused and filled with detail. The cable performs very well at conveying, both musically and realistically, human voices and musical instruments.

My cable search is over. Very satisfying sound...

John, the owner of KCI, is also a great guy to work with.