Kavent S33 owners...are you out there?

Just wondering if only 2 people own these things (including myself).
I have my P-2200 amp on its own dedicated line 10 AWG solid wire to a PS Audio Premier Soloist Outlet. Then I use Pangea Ac-9 to a Ps Audio Duet. From there I use a JPS AC+ to the amp. Pretty impressive!
Hi Kinn

Thanks for sharing. I’ll try to make note next time when I power up my P-3300 and listen to music from cold start and after it is warmed up.

Regarding power conditioning I’m part of that faction or cult. I plug the Kavent P-3300 amp into a vintage Tice Power Block power conditioner. It doesn’t limit current. The S-33 and my main source (Oppo BDP-83SE) are plugged into an industrial 1Kva Topaz Isolation Transformer and that doesn’t limit current as well. I believe with all this stuff I did get a bit more clarity out of my system. Not huge but I did notice something I think. I guess the power by me is noisy. From what I’ve read if you can plug directly into an outlet go for it. Most of my life pretty much everything electronic big or small was plugged into a surge protector or some kind of power conditioner. The audiophiles in my family plug all their stuff into power conditioners. I guess I got it from them. There is only 1 amp I have that I plug directly into the wall because of many conversations with a tech who was VERY familiar with it. Many times I look at it I want to plug it into a power conditioner of some kind. Haven’t heard any issues yet but the circuit it is on is different than the ones my Kavent gear is on.

When I last spoke to KAVD they said I could plug in the P-3300 or any of the Kavent amps directly into the wall socket with no issue. It is mostly preference. When I asked what power conditioners they would use with Kavent gear they recommended an APC S10 or S15. They said it has pure Sine Wave output with battery back-up, which is a true power conditioner instead of filtering that is found in most simple ones. I couldn’t physically squeeze either APC unit into my set-up but if I were in a market for one I’d look into those. They have dropped down in price significantly.

Hi Wolf

I guess the end of March might have been it for KAVD. I didn’t e-mail them after March because I didn’t need anything else from them. That stinks they were able to help you now.

Hi Melanco

Man that is quite a power set-up. Very Impressive. I haven’t done the dedicated lines for my audio system in my house because the circuit breaker box is full and it really costly for another sub panel. At times I have been thinking about getting a used power re-generator but I may stop as my system is sounding very nice to my ears. Even used those are pretty costly as well. Have you thought about the Pangea AC-9 SE to replace the AC9? I’ve read good things about the SE series Pangea cords.
Pangea AC-9SE isn't available, yet! But I will try it when it comes available. Regarding warm up, I place a small digital clock that measure humidity and temperature over the amps. You should check the numbers before(cold) and after(warm) so you could have an idea when everything becomes stable.
Yeah still no respondo from Kelsie...I used 2 different email addresses for them..."Raeon" and "Shan Lei"...oh well. I assume the preamp will run forever but I have to wonder what they did with whatever gear they had left, including one of the coolest looking integrated amps ever made in the SP230.

I mentioned someplace earlier that I still use my trusty old Adcom ACE515 AC conditioner which keeps everything very quiet and refuses to die, although no longer garnering any respect from the Audio Elite. I should stop mentioning it as I think it effects my cred. Please don't spread this around...I did put a PS Audio AC outlet in the wall though, which I think gets me a half point back toward possible respectability.
Hi Melanco

How is it going with the AZ cable auditions? Just an FYI give Audio Advisor a call. I got their latest catalog and after getting my concentration back after looking at the cute brunette they always have standing next to various audio gear I saw they had the AC-9 Signature Edition power cords in. They even offered a trade in program for your older Pangea cords.


To me you got more cred because you stick with what works and aren't afraid to admit you've got some "budget" gear that sounds good. I'm still trying to talk myself into the more expensive audiophile outlets. I just used the heavier duty outlets from those big box home hardware stores. Might try an Albert Porter outlet in the future.

That Adcom isn't the prettiest looking power conditioner but hey it is still working and is getting the job done.

Last guy I spoke to @ Kelsie was Raeon via e-mail. I don't think I ever spoke to Shan Lei but I think that was the person I had to wire funds too. I saw the Kavent SP-320 integrated also and thought it was cool looking. Almost like something from a Sci-Fi movie.

I think my Kavent gear too will last for a long time as I'm not over driving them. I don't even think I get out of the Class A amount of watts. From the manual it says the 1st 50 watts of the P-3300 are Class A.

I was listening to my system this weekend and took note of temps. The P-3300 gets warmed up when it's temp is about 90 degrees F. When music is playing at a volume level I like the hottest it got was 111 degrees F. The funniest thing I found was with the wattage meters. When I play music from a CDP it goes to at most .04 watts. When I play music from a TT or from my computer I think the most it goes to is 1.0 watt. I was going to ask Kelsie about the meters but oh well they aren't around any more.

back to work for me.