Attention all you folks who really understand all these magic boxes ... After much yearning for many years I'm putting together what I hope is a sweet sound, but I've run into a big question. I have my vinyl table running into the Krell pre at S-3, but I can only hear any sound with the pre at max (waaay beyond 11), and even then only a very quite output. Do I need some sort of pre-pre to boost the mag signal out of the table?

IIUC, S3 is a line level input. Your Krell does not have a built in dedicated phono preamp so you will need to add a one between the TT and the Krell.
To Jrenman's answer let me add that that phono stage not only supplies the extreme low level gain you need to amplify a cartridge's output, it runs the signal through the RIAA equalization curve, a mirror image of the equalization applied when the LP is mastered. Without this EQ, even if your Krell had had sufficient gain, your records would sound screechy with no bass to speak of.
Any recommendations as to a topnotch phono preamp to use in front of the Krell?
09-07-13: Hrstex
Any recommendations as to a topnotch phono preamp to use in front of the Krell?
What's your turntable and cartridge? Is budget an issue? Otherwise, there will be plenty of high enders recommending phono stages commensurate with your Krell. I'm no help there; I use a Jolida JD9, a nice phono stage for the money, but not in Krell territory.
I'm using an Esoteric Sound Restoation Deck, bought mainly for its 78 rpm capability and in storage for several years. The MM cartridge is a good quality item, just too long since I bought it to remember. I'm pushing all this (a Denon CD/DVD, Magnum Dynalab analog tuner and turntable) through a pair of Vienna Beethovens and am more the warm vocals and live soundstage type of listener. Looked at the V-LPSii but not available locally. That said, budget is always a concern but I'd like something that won't clip the freq's or muddy the sound of course. Any other suggestions are very much appreciated
If you want something very good all around and don't want to spend a great deal of money, you may want to look at cart and phono preamp combo. One I like very much is a Dynavector P-75 phono preamp matched with a Dynavector 20x low output version cart. Its an extremely good value and you know they will match well because they are made by the same company and meant to go together.