KAV-250p For KSA-250

I have just purchased (here on Audiogone) a recent Krell KAV-250p preamp to drive my old KSA-250. I have not recieved the preamp yet. What should I expect from it? I know the KBL is the sought after one but just could not find one at a fair price.
It will probably sound better. I've always thought Krell preamps were a little underrated, but the KBL is old. The KAV, I feel, is a bit more modern sounding. If you like the Krell sound, I think you'll be happy.

Not to get off topic, but if you like the KAV preamp, you may like the matching KAV 250 amp. I used to have one and it was a lot better than people gave it credit for. In certain areas, I think its better than the KSA. I see they sell for around $1500 used. At that price, you can't go wrong.
Thanks Zd542. I might do that, the KSA sure does use a lot of juice