KAV-2250 Thoughts?

Seemingly overshadowed by the larger Theater Amplifier Standard, does anyone have any thoughts or impressions of the KAV-2250? I plan on taking a listen to this for myself, of course, but since time comes at a premium for me these days (new baby) I was wondering how people feel it compares to other 2-channel amps in its price category? My first guess would be that you're paying a premium for the Krell name, but how much of a premium? By the way, I don't plan on paying retail and may be able to swing as much as 25 - 30% off.
I had one, felt it was the best solid state I ever owned. Highly underated, can drive low impedance speakers (my CLSIIZ and ML Ascents) with ease, phenomenal bass, dynamics, imaginig and midrange. I went back to high power tubes but this came very close. Very neutral. If I didnt need the bucks to buy my upgrade, I wouldnt have sold it. In my opinion, one of the best amps, regardless of price. You will get many different opinions, none is right or wrong. Depends on you. My suggestion, audition it yourself and form your own opinion. I think you will be surprised.
I second Linn1p12's recommendation - go listen for yourself.

However, here's a review by John Kotches of Widescreen Review
of the KAV-2250, as well as the TAS:


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