kav 150 and ksa 150?

What the difference between these two amps? (date of manufacture and features?)
Kav (Krell audio video), Ksa (Krell stereo amp)...around 10 years age between the two with the Ksa being older, (around 1990) for the Ksa.

I had a Kav-500 and still have a Ksa-250. The Ksa's are somewhat laid-back in sound and the Kav's are more up front and detailed sounding.

The Ksa has a larger power supply for tuff loads...may not be a factor for you though. The Kav's sound good as long as you do not exceed their reduced power limits...ie, smaller power supply equals less power for tuff loads. The Kav's are usually the Krells that "Pete" and "Re-Pete" are talking about when they trash Krell amps as sounding bright.

The Ksa is ripe for a rebuild at Krell if not already done...around $400 plus shipping for as good as new.

What speakers would you be using?

The KSA is a class A output design, the KAV is not.