Kate Bush The kick inside a masterpiece.

Its hard to believe this album was recorded between 1975 and 1978.  Kate was way ahead of he time.  Her music is timeless and this is the Kate at her absolute best.  This is a Kate Bush lovers must recording.  Great recording as well.  Simply put, a genius work of art.  Thanks Kate for such an amazing record.
Hey tzh21y thanks for the heads up on this album. I have always enjoyed Kate Bush's artistry but had never listened to The Kick Inside as a single album. (Once again, Tidal serves up a album on demand.)

Wuthering Heights and, in particular, The Man With The Child In His Eyes are incredible artworks. Written, amazingly, by a teenager.

Thanks for making this Saturday a little mellower. Peace.

Big Kate Bush fan here.  I have all of her albums on vinyl.  "The Kick Inside" I have an original UK, original Japanese, original German and several audiophile reissues.

Great album!  Highly recommended!!

(dbtom2...Tidal is FANTASTIC!)
I've loved Kate since the first time I heard her in 1978 (on my college radio station). The Kick Inside is her most amazing achievement, but Lionheart needs to be mentioned since it was released the same year and is also brilliant.

I own 5 of the original Kick Inside LP's plus the picture disk, each with different cover art for the countries where they were made. (US, UK, Canada, Japan, Yugoslavia, but never found the Uruguay version).
Kate is great. For me, Lionheart is always the LP that goes on first when I get that itch. The original vinyl releases all sound decent.
When she started releasing new albums over the last few years I was so looking forward to them, but nothing since the Red Shoes has really hit home. Have you heard the song about the washing machine, a lyrical low point for sure? 
Today, I'll give The Kick Inside another listen, thanks for the focus on it. Cheers,
I agree that The Red Shoes was the end of her creative brilliance. For me, The Sensual World was her last great album.
According to the British trades, since motherhood, all her writing became too personal and introspective.

In the UK, she is a national treasure and in 2014, sold out a month's worth of concerts at the Hammersmith Apollo. Sadly she never toured the US, only making an appearance on SNL.