Kate Bush Mastered for Vinyl 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I just got the entire set. Nicely done. Good pressings.
Last night I synced 50 words for Snow against the digital version and compared the two. The vinyl is euphoric. It has this bloom that gives you a sense of depth. This is a very quiet recording an background noise becomes an issue. The vinyl has background noise that sounds like tape hiss. This is totally absent from the digital version. You would not notice this on louder passages at all. The digital version is more focused. Each instrument and Kate's voice are more defined and float on a noiseless background. In this instance I am going to have to say I prefer the digital. I will sync some of the other recordings in the near future. Her early recordings I believe are analog and may well fare better. I don't think I have to make a comment on the music:)
I compared Army Dreamers and Breathing on the UK 1980 Never For Ever album with the 1986 (digital?) compilation The Whole Story. The original is far better. We have lost so much with remastering and/or generational copying. 
That particular album maybe a bit of an abberation regards the quiet background requirements.

Just as a general sweeping opinion I have yet to find a digital version I prefer to a good analog version.

Just my opinion and my ears and my system, no way making any holier than thou claims.
I had, and lost when I moved, the 1978 UK pressing of The Kick Inside. What a beautiful reference-quality sound from this particular LP! This I had bought new and sealed about 1980. 
I have quite a large Kate Bush LP collection (different pressings), most were purchased at the time of their release. I agree the UK pressing of TKI is worthy of being called reference-quality.

In many interviews Kate expressed how she hated the sound of her music on digital.
She even supervised a remix/ remaster of "The Red Shoes" after the terrible sounding initial release, which was her only digital issue.
Her mix is all analogue, available on her Fish People label.

The latest release is called "Kate Bush Remastered." I haven’t heard the vinyl releases but my feeling is that it’s a good thing if there’s tape hiss on a remaster. It indicates there is very low compression being used. It’s faithful to the original analogue productions. 
I do agree the CD versions are very nice indeed.

Lowrider, they are specifically "Mastered for Vinyl" Says this right on the box. I have every version of Kates catalog from the original issues to high res digital. The only one I am missing is the original vinyl version of 50 words. But I do have two turntables and can compare the older pressings to the remastered ones. In the sets she revisits some of her older material putting down new voice tracks. She does the Red Shoes and Sensual world almost in their entirety. So there is new material here.
I am not sure if the noise on 50 Words is tape hiss or just vinyl noise. I'll figure that out when I compare the other recordings.
Great to hear from another Kate fan and thanks for the correction. I haven't seen this new vinyl release.
I'm familiar with "50 Words" but only have the CD.  Interesting about the noise; these days it very well could be the quality of the pressing.
I'll be following any further updates you have.

Awesome thread

what is the new disc set # ?
Sorry for the delay. There are 4 boxes numbered 1, 2, 3, 4. The boxes are arranged chronologically #1 is her first 4 albums etc. Box 4 is entirely oddities and covers. The pressing are actually real good. Not the absolute best but certainly not disappointing. They are on her own "Fish People" records the same as Before the Dawn which is an absolute must for Kate fans. God willing one day she will release the Blu Ray. They say it is sitting in her desk.