KAS Maestro IC - soo good ?

Noticed that at any auction they goes very well, with a lot of requests bidders.
Are this cable so good ??
Do they really better top notch brands ?
Thanks for commenting

PS.: They will potentially replace my VDH 102 MKII interconnects
As posted elsewhere I would be leery of inflated "retail prices" and low blow-out prices. These are marketing gimmicks, IMO, and since the economy is slow some cable mfg's resort to this to stay in business. Just too many players today and I wonder when some will fold. Stick with the popular cable brands that don't need to do a lot of advertising.
Marketing gimmicks? So what. KAS Audio are offering their IC's at introductory prices to try to get them out in the market and I think it is a very good idea what they did. After reading their web site very carefully I decided to take a chance and won a 1/2 meter to use between my preamp (Mark Levinson 380S) and my Denon CD player. At first I wasn't sure and I didn't even think it was right going with a unknown company, but I kept listening and at one point I called KAS to ask for a refund to which they said no problem. I was so amazed I asked for more time and they told me to take as long as I need. Three days later I called to order a 2M bal, 1M RCA, and a 1M bal. You really need to listen with a wide selection of music especially ones your most familiar with and then you will be amazed. Remember, It's the popular cable companies that do all the advertising and they charge you for it. KAS is my cable company now and I'm hooked.
I took a chance and tried the KAS Maestro IC's. I won a pair off Audiogon and figured $250 was a fair price for trying a solid silver interconnect. Besides there is a 60 day return policy. I am glad I tried them. There was a significant improvement over the Audioquest Pythons I use. The bass was more extended and smoother with greater detail. The highs were more extended and detailed. Clarity through the entire spectrum also increased. The music was more detached from the speakers and the dynamic range improved. I have ordered two more sets and I'm going to try one of the power cables from KAS. I'm also going to try them as a digital interconnect because I find most cables that sound better as interconnects also perform better as digital interconnects. My main system consists of Infinity Compositions, Krell KAV-250a, Krell 300i (preamp), Classe Dac-1, Genesis Digital Lens, and a McIntosh MLD7020. Speaker cable is Audioquest Clear, Digital interconnects are both Virtual Dynamics Nites (they out perform the Illuminations D-60), preamp to amp are KAS Maestros, and Classe Dac-1 to Digital Lens are Audioquest Pythons XLR. The KAS replaced a set of Pythons from the preamp to amp. I also have a Krell HTS but the Classe DAC-1 out performs the Krell for CD playback. I also use Virtual Dynamics Nites power cables on the Classe & Krell KAV-250a, and a Virtual Dynamics Signature on the preamp. The Virtual Dynamics power cables also provided a tremendous improvement. Hope this helps give useful information about KAS interconnects. I highly recommend them. (The KAS IC's also out performed the Virtual Nites)
While I do not have much experience specifically with high end ICs, I have heard some very good systems taken as a whole. In my primarily Margules-based system the KAS Audio Maestro interconnects have absolutely shone. I have a .5 meter run of the Maestros between a Margules Analog-Digital enchancer and a Margules hybrid integrated amplifier (tubes at the pream-amp stage) and the results are fabulous in terms of clarity, dynamics, weight, depth, resolution, and extension of bass and highs. So, yes, I do consider the KAS Maestros an exceptional product. Remarkably, these interconnects do what they are claimed to do.
I have to say that at first I was very skeptical of another cable company claiming this and that, but I bought the Maestro 1 M IC about 3 months ago and I am using it between my CD player, Sony 9000ES, and tube preamp. It's astonishing how much the sound changed when I first plugged in the Maestros. There was a depth and dimension to the soundstage that I had never experienced before. The imaging was also extraordinarily real and believable. I compared the Maestros to cardas GC and golden reference. The Cardas Golden refrence was close but compressed the dynamics and presents a more veiled soundstage with unsatisfactory imaging. The Cardas GC was no match to the Maestros. I have also compared them to Harmonic Tech silver IC and Harmonis techs sounded bright and unbearable with a "flat"/2-dimensional soundsateg. I like the Maestros because they sound so natural. It really feels like a string being plucked or a piano note being struck. It makes me feel more and moer like I am not listening to a reproduction. My amp is a Classe Ca 150. I have been thinking about buying KAS Primus as well and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this PC. I love the maestro and IMHO consider them a bargain relative to what else i have heard. Cheers
I bought a pair of used Maestro from an Hong Kong friend without heard before. I used them connecting Supratek prem and Mentmore m-200 mono tube amps. It sounds very transparency, layered, dynamical,natural highs, and solid base. When I swaped to Siltech FTM-3 G3,the sound got opaque, sleepy. So I'm missing KAS now.