KAS Audio PC anyone?

Any input wrt KAS Audio power cords appreciated - they look good, but...have you compared it with name brands? Thanks and have a good one!
I've got a Kaiser XT power cable that works great on my Primare 30.5 power amp (used for bi-amping with 4 channels used). It sounded way better than a VD Power One and a non-helix Shunyata Taipan. The imaging and depth was greatly increased compared to the other cables.

However, with a Luminance KST-150, the VD cable worked much better than the KAS. Just 'better' all 'round.
Many thanks for interesting input!

I would be interested in test 'potential giant killers' (in the 300 USD range) new as they many times offer home audition...I am trying to figure out if there are any PC out there that can compete with the 'big names' (but know next to nothing in these matters ;-)

Otherwise, I am considering a 2nd hand Nordost Vishnu (I have Nordost Speaker cables and internal wiring in my speakers) - which reminds me of another concern I have (that could be unfounded but input appreciated) - are there counterfeits of the Nordost Vishnu PC (and in that case how can you tell the difference)?

Have a good one!