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I, like many here, watched and loved the Linda Ronstadt documentary; in that film there were brief interview pieces with Karla Bonoff, and those caused me to search a bit (I have one or two recordings of hers), and discovered she made a new recording in 2018 titled Carry Me Home.  I ordered copy from her, it came yesterday (I was away), am playing it here this morning, and its just wonderful.  Great songs, sparse production (piano, guitar, occasionally bass, mandolin) and, to my ears, great sound.  Highly worth a listen.  
We saw Karla in concert in Door County, Wisconsin last June, accompanied by Nina Gerber on guitar.  Great show, we had a wonderful time (really liked Sturgeon Bay and Door County, too).  If she's singing near you, it's well worth the time, effort, and cost to go hear her.
Agree. Karla is a really good singer/songwriter who plays the piano rather than the more common guitar. "Carry Me Home" is a great studio recording of new and old material, much of which can also be found on, "Live", which was recorded live, oddly enough.

I recommend giving both a listen.
One of my favorite albums is "Restless Nights".  I've been a Karla Bonoff fan for a very long time.
If you like Karla check out "Pretty Bird" by Kathy Mattea.  Yes she was a pop-country singer from the 90s but that's not what this album is.  This album is mostly acoustic with uncluttered arrangements and Kathy's warm voice.  Musicians include Viktor Krauss and Tim O'Brien.  It's a nice quiet album and streaming it doesn't cost anything.

Karla was also in a group called Bryndle with Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards and Wendy Waldman.  They did a couple of albums.

I really like Wendy Waldman also.
tomcy6, I have much of Kathy's music; a number of years ago she was playing two shows at a small (330 seat) venue near me, I went to one of them and found her even better live than I had anticipated.  
rpeluso,  She does have beautiful voice and I would go to see her if she came to a small venue here.  I primarily like her albums after her career slowed down a little, "Calling Me Home", "Coal" and "Pretty Bird".  I'm sure she's got good stuff on any of her albums though.
tomcy6, we clearly share tastes; I love Coal, and Pretty Bird.  I, again, was so surprised with just how fantastic she was live.  Long ago I lived in Nashville, a friend of mine was a struggling song writer then (became very very successful), and there was a benefit for a local songwriter/artist, my friend allowed me to go along with him, and there was a silent auction.  I managed to get a Statler Brothers signed LP, and Kathy was there, working the "register", and I have the receipt with her name on it.  This was sometime between 1980 and 1983.  
I saw Karla Bonoff in the late 70's in Ithaca, NY.  She has always been one of my favorites.

Anyone remember The Roches?
Anyone remember The Roches?

Absolutely! I have quite a few LPs by The Roches. Suzzy was with Loudon Wainwright III for awhile, and had one daughter Lucy, who is the half-sister of both Martha and Rufus Wainwright. Their mother is Kate McGarrigle, another singer/songwriter.

Pretty talented family...
@mofimadness Pretty talented family...

I'd say!  I saw The Roches at about the same time as Karla Bonoff and really enjoyed their show.  Quirky, funny, and very talented!
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