Karl Blau anyone?

Hello friends,

I live near Philadelphia, get to take advantage of 88.5 WXPN radio station (while living in NYC for 12 years it was XPN, the great Vin Scelsa and all the rest), well, XPN played a recording by Karl Blau, I was fascinated, of course Amazon has the CD, takes a while to get it, but, in my old and humble opinion, its the record of the year.  I know, many will say/criticize, how could I say such a thing mid-year, AND a recording of covers.  What is my reply?  A simple and honest one, I  love this record, the song choices, the quality/artistry that is evident, the sound (see, am still a wanna-be audiophile), the talent.  He covers two Tom T Hall songs, both are great ones, and that alone let me think he is the real thing.  

I often take advice about music (okay, not jazz-that;s not my thing) from this site, and if you happen to be someone who does the same, think about giving this one a listen.  BUT, years ago, I made a recommendation for Shelby Lynne's Just A Little Lovin', and someone used that to take a shot at me.  I STILL think that is classically great.

All the best to you fellow music lover-

Thanks for the heads up. I am a big My Morning Jacket fan and apparently he has produced some of their work. I will check him out.