Karik problems reading CDR

Any Karik owners with experience with CDRs? I have a Karik III (1997 vintage) that has trouble reading many CDRs I've recorded on my Tascam CD-RW 700. I've tried several different makes of CDRs, from TDK (blue) to Sony to Mitsui (silver), all 74 min. length, and none of them allow me to escape the problem. None of my secondary CD players have problems reading these CDRs--just the Karik. The Karik was given a checkup by Linn two years ago, so I wouldn't expect problems already. Before I take steps like handing my Karik over to my dealer, I'm just wondering if other Karik owners have relevant experience to share. Others' comments also welcome, of course.
I am surprised that your Karik have problems with CDR's. I own even older model, ancient Karik II, and it plays from scratched-up CD's, that i find at the thrift stores, to the CDR's of any brand. Try ading DAC, to see if Karik processor is messed up. Good Luck!
Thanks for your report on your older Karik, Dragan. Tells me that my Karik III should be doing better.