Kappa 's Biamping

Hi, I wish to biamp my kappa 9's horizontaly with a Hafler dh200 driving the top and a QSC rmx-850 driving the demanding bottom half.
I will be using a Foreplay preamp ( moded with second set of outputs) and Denon cd player has any one tryed horizontal biamping speakers ? Any advice is welcome, I already have these amps and have big eyes for an Aragon or Mccormack in the future.
Thank you,
As for the bi-amping, just try it and listen!
As for ARagon and McCormmack, there are much better options for similar money! The Pass X150, or lesser priced(now) Threshold T200, Coda 11, etc are all better sounding for up top in solid state! Sim Audio has some better stuff, as well as Musical Fidelity.
Good Luck
You will need volume control on the QSC.