Kappa 8 amp suggestion


I have Kappa 8's and I'm thinking about either upgrading my current amp or bi-amping these speakers. Disregard the current amp I have as it belongs to another owner of Kappa 8's. It's a Carver that holds its own without clipping but something is definitely missing. I'll dig up the model number when I get home. I think the 19x13 open ended wood floor room size isn't helping either.

My budget is probably 1500-2000. I'm aware of the power demand these speakers bring hence the forum/website in which I am asking.

Thanks for any help!
Carver Lightstar or A-760
Aragon Palladiums or 8008BB

Unfortunately, your budget and the demands of the speaker preclude some of the more refined amps. The crossover is low enough to allow biamping in the future with Paradigm X-30. Even with biamping, the upper amp will have to deal with the impedance issue at the xover.
A guy on here posted he was running Kappa 9's with a pair of Carver Silver 9t monoblocs for about $1200.

Another guy posted hew as using Adcom 565's which go for $800.

This is the sort of solution I'm moving towards. I was looking for the best way of workig this class hardware into a bi-amp solution.

Seems affordable to me given my budget. Am I missing something?
I'm not familiar with either the adcom or the carver, but another option is you can get a pair of B&K M200 Sonatas for ~$600 - if you want to biamp - get 4 of them.

You'll be stunned by the performance. They're capable of 150 amps peak to peak. 200 w/c @8 ohms, and stable below 2 ohms.