Kaplan GS vs. Kubala Sosna Emtiions Speaker Cables

I am thining about purchasing either the Kaplan GS Speaker cables or the Kubala Sosna Emotion Speaker Cables. Has anyone compared the two? Thanks.
I know there's beena recent upgrade to the Kaplan cables to a Mk II status. It's supposed to make a significant improvement on an already very, very good power cord.

There was a recent review on Positive Feedback.


The Positive Reedback review was of the power cords. There is a review of the GS speaker cables in Audiophilia -
where it was awarded an 'Audiophilia Star Component' award, fwiw.
It wouldn't be appropriate for me, as the manufacturer, to make comparisons, and I can only suggest you avail yourself for the 30 day money back audition policy through tweekgeek.com
The GS speaker cables came out after the GS power cords, and the non mains specific enhancements that are incorporated in the GS Mk II power cords, are already incorporated into the GS speaker cables.
Hopefully, you'll be able to compare speaker cables in your own system, which for you is the only comparison that really matters. I'd welcome the comparison of my GS speaker cables to any of the K-S cables, or those from any vendor.

Many thanks for your interest,
Paul Kaplan
Kaplan Cable

Hi Joseph,

I have compared the GS speaker cables against some very competent (and quite a bit more expensive) speaker cables in a revealing "reference" grade system. My conclusion is that the GS cables rivaled some of the "best" cables currently available and as such are an astounding value. As Paul suggested, try the cable for 30 days and put them up against ANYTHING. Let your ears be the judge! I suspect you'll be keeping the Kaplans.

For the record, Paul Kaplan is a friend although this in NO way has influenced my "objective" evaluation of his products.


I believe I was the first customer of the Kaplan cables. A while back I purchased a pair of Pure Note speaker cables from Kobe of Hifi Logic in NJ. A week later he called me and said he had heard an awesome pair of speaker cables he wanted to bring over for me to hear. whitin five minutes of listening to them I placed an order and have been enjoying music since then.

Just last week, the same Kobe told me he was selling a used pair of Klee cables for a customer of his and asked if I'd be interested. I asked him to send them to me so I could A/B them with the Kaplan. Much to my surprise the $2,000 Kaplan was more to my liking then the almost $9,000 Klee. Although the Klee was slightly more transparent, the Kaplan had more "truth of timbre" and was over all more musical.

Mine is the original GS and has not yet been upgraded to Mk111 (now calld the Waveform Fidelity). I plan to upgrade mine shortly to this phenomenal cable. Of course I believe that cables must be listened to in one's own system. My recommendation to anyone is to try these cables at home and decide for your self. Hifi Logic offers this service
What a combo- Klee, Kaplan & Kubala?
I have always wanted to demo the Kubala- no local dealer/retailer. Of interest to me, is that people who have tried Transparent Ref or OPUS, Silent Source then switched to Kubala or EnKlein cables/cords.
So many cables/cords, so little time...
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Paul makes a fantastic cable, I had his GS MK2 speaker cables and IC's, I wish I never sold the speaker cables, still use his Powercords.
Just a great guy to do business with.
I cannot help with the KS comparison but I just replaced a very nice sounding RSA poeimaii cables with a new set of GS Mk III speaker cables. The RSA cables retailed new about 5 years ago for $500 more than the GS Mk III. It is a bi-wire pair of silver ribbon conductors with the spade slot milled into the end of the conductor itself. The bass leg is significantly larger than the cable for the high frequencies. They are wonderful cables in my system and thought that they would be the last speaker cables I would ever need, but they were bested by the GS after a reasonable period of burn-in. They added a wee bit more structure and depth to the soundstage and the attack of strings as they are struck makes acoustic string instruments sound spooky-real on better recordings such as the vinyl version of Reference Recordings Kronos Quartet and on Yo Yo Ma's recent cd "Goat Rodeo."

I am in process of moving my system to a far better location with a new Steve Blinn Rack and lots of other goodies and plan to rrerun the RSA cables there, but I think the GS is probably going to stay.