Kanye West - Grammy comment, re Beck

Kanye West on-camera last nite: 'Beck needs to respect artistry.' Then a long rant about...ah just watch it.

What would Kanye say about Beethoven? Or Dylan? or Matisse?

Having fun with this as Twitter is aflame already with it. But the more I think about it, the more it gnaws on me. He was referring to Beck winning Album of the Year (instead of Beyonce). I could go on a long rant myself about his ego, general creepiness, but nothing I could add. But his comments are heard by millions of music fans...

Anyhoo, anyone else see those comments? Reactions?
Jackass times infinity

he obviously learned nothing from the Taylor Swift incident...
Yes Kanye is a media whore! Heck look at all the attention that we the well informed are giving him.

Anyway the best performance of the night went to Annie Lennox and her show stopping, blow the roof off, performance of "I Got A Spell On You" No dancers, pyrotechnics, background videos, or fancy lights. Just pure and powerful stage presence that respected the audience. She let it all out and stole the show from...what's his name? Some one hit wonder who got taken to Church!

I hope Kanye (and many other pop artists) watched that performance, took some notes, and recognized what talent truly is!