Kanta No.1 vs Olympica Nova 1?

I've been considering a pair to complement my Revel speakers.

Since the Revel's are neutral originally I was going Kanta as Focal has a brighter sound and seemed like a good complement.

The issue then became after I heard Sonus Faber's Lumina V's. While they don't have the detail or imaging of say Revel F226Be, they have a certain smoothness that the Revel's lack. The Olympica Nova 1 would likely have more detail and better imaging (nobody near my can demo these for me).

As a result I'm torn here.

On one hand there is a price difference, Kanta No.1 is around $6000 for a pair of them refurbished, while Olympica Nova 1 is around $7500 new, and $6900 open box.

The last thing to mention is I can obtain a pair of older Olympica III for $7500 or Olympica II for $6000.

In terms of appearance Focal and Sonus Faber are far better looking than Revel's 1990s budget speaker look IMO.

At this point my main concern is detail and a good complement to the Revel F226Be and M105.

Focal Kanta No.2 are $8400 for a pair refurbished.

Thank you!


You have a wonderful quandary!  Enjoy the process. I am on my third Sonus faber speaker and love them ~ yet there are so many excellent speakers it is hard to not wonder what other options sound like. 


Honestly, it would be up to personal preference. I will say for me it would be the Olympia Nova all the way and this is coming from a Kanta 2 owner. SF standmounts sound fantastic!

Thank you all for your replies, especially @overthemoon @mrteeves @l1975r.

I actually managed to find a dealer locally (about 2 hours out), on the weekend I’ll see if I can make it into the city and audition the Olympica Nova.


About 30 minutes from Grid there is a store, NAIM Focal, and they offered a Kanta audition, so I will see if I can audition them on the weekend.


Been on call at work so fingers crossed this works out.

Thanks again to all that replied.

We have all focal speakers in our home theatre. Kanta 3 mains Kanta center channel and Kanta 1 surrounds. I think you would be very happy with the Kanta 1s. The beryllium tweeter is not too bright with our MC 8207 amp. Definitely give them a listen. Good luck! 


My choice would be the old Olympica IIs. I find the older model to be closer to the old Franco Serblin sound having very relaxed presentation but still very detailed open with impressive clarity. New Olympica series are brighter and more analytical  imo